Living in Greece

A practical guide to moving, living, working & traveling in Greece, plus musing and misadventures from an American in Athens

What I Read

My domain at has been self-hosted since May 2008, and a special page of links created to showcase favorite blogs, news organizations and charities.

I still prefer the slug “An American in Athens” if listing me as a blog, but I’m no longer at Please amend the URL, and thank you.

Web Worship

Anatomy of Melancholy: Canadian on Crete (dormant)
Athens Live Photo: Photo blog of Athens (dormant)
B in Greece: Semi-frequent entries on life here in Greece
Betabug: Swiss Greek in Athens
Big Fig Pig: One lady’s bicycle quest to taste every fig in Greece (and other places)
Bobbie: Virtual Scratchpad from Hawaii (offline)
Buru: Adventure of an Athenian (offline)
Carolina: Living in Crete
Cheryl: Rice, Beans & Pastichio
Chloe: The Froth Migration and struggle in Greece
Constantinos: Greek in Stockholm (offline)
DD: Sphaera Ephemeris (offline)
DeMasameRe (dormant)
Dio: Californian in Hate City (Thessaloniki) (dormant)
EllasDevil: You’re talking, we’re listening (offline)
Ellopos Photoblog
European in Greece (dormant)
Filoxenoi: Migration and Immigrants (dormant)
Fotofraxia: Documentary Photo Stories (dormant)
G700: Generation 700 euros
Gia: It’s All Greek to Me
Gimme Karelia or gimme death (dormant)
Graffic: Spaniard in Greece
Greco-Roamin: Dwain & Mia in Athens (moved)
Greek Economy Watch (dormant)
Greek Goddess: The Apple Drawer (dormant)
Greek Weddings and Traditions
Jessica: Sassy splendiferous American in France Verona Rome Mons France
Jason Santa Maria: A graphic design genius
JT: Web Guru in Greece
Kalliope: Ich Kalliope (Sabbatical in Greece, now home)
Kassandra: World/Canadian citizen in Athens (dormant)
Lainie and Ashley: Living in the Sun (Kalamata) (dormant)
Lalla Lydia: Mostly Mediterranean-Moroccan
Lalu: A matter of opinion (dormant)
Liana: Life on Corfu (Kerkyra)
Loxias: Neither reveals, nor conceals
Luc and Yvonne: Cretan Chronicles
M: Canadian in UK, then Greece, now home (dormant)
Markus: Elloinos
Mausi: Canadian in Germany
Megan: Still here, still foreign
Mel’s Diner: Nashville girl in northern Greece
My name is Iosifina
Nature in Greece (Bilingual with photos)
Nicholas: Disabled Stories from Greece
Nicole and Paul: We are in Greece
Nothing to Hide: Awesome Global Translator for WordPress
Off to Greece: A Grecian Tale
One World: Photo Blog
Our Greek Odyssey
Panagiotis: Life and days of Libero
Panoplos: The Land o’ Miracles (offline)
Paul: Family life in Greece
Paul: Travel Monkey
Plagiarism Today
IstanBilly: Waiting for Skopelos
Queerdom: Change Greece Now (offline)
Qickrush: My Greek Madness (dormant)
Shannon: Going Crunchy
Simon: Democracy Street
Sphaera Ephemeris
Spyros: Birdwatching expert in Greece
Stavros: My Greek Odyssey
Sunshine and Olives: Fun retired couple in Anthoussa, Greece (dormant)
Taparaponasas sto Mixer (dormant)
Vasili: Surviving Athens

Food Blogs with stories: Greek and otherwise

Banana Wonder: Food, culture and the people in between
Jo: Food junkie, not junk food
Kerala Recipes
Kopiaste: Greek, Cypriot and other international recipes
Laurange: Saveurs Mexicaines (French)
Laurie: Mediterranean cooking in Alaska

Lulu: Mama’s Taverna
My Treasure, My Pleasure: Authentic Keralan Cooking
Jamie Oliver: Brilliant Food
Peter: Souvlaki for the Soul
Scrumptious Street: A Place at My Table

Non-profits I Actively Support

Animal Aid of Udaipur, India
Environmental Defense Fund
Mediterranean Migratory Observatory
William J. Clinton Foundation

Travel Guides

Greek Island Postcards: Antidote & Survival Guide to Greek Islands

Greek News

Daily Frappe
Google News: Headlines for Greece
Reuters: Headlines for Greece

World News

Daily Beast
Melting Pot Europe
New York Times
The Onion

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