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A practical guide to moving, living, working & traveling in Greece, plus musing and misadventures from an American in Athens

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What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is the use or close imitation of words, thoughts or ideas of another author, and the fraudulent representation of them as your own original work. This includes:

  • Creating a website similar to mine
  • Copying portions of my posts to reuse without permission. Germany’s ex-defense minister and education minister were stripped of their PhDs for doing the same, and Hungary’s ex-president had his doctorate taken away and quit after a newspaper discovered he copied his thesis from a Bulgarian historian without citation.
  • Changing around the words and sentences of an article I wrote and not crediting me as the source or giving a false source. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria was suspended after his TIME column bore “close similarities” to a New Yorker article. An ex-Politico/Washington Post reporter ended her career by ‘rephrasing’ text from six sources on 12 occasions. See, “Types of plagiarism.”
  • Using info from this site to answer questions in a forum, without attribution.
  • Translating my content into a different language
  • Using links I cite in my post to source the original articles and independently verify what I already stated, then pretending you found everything on your own to do a similar story. A NY Times reporter never worked again and became the subject of a Law & Order episode for doing this, and now has duplicate incidents named after him.

Because much of the information on offer is unavailable elsewhere, updated regularly and combined with readers’ contributions and my own first-hand experience, it is incredibly easy to identify my work. Monitoring of competitors and reading up to 3,000 articles daily in two languages also give me an advantage.

Content that bears striking similarity to mine would constitute copyright infringement on intellectual property. This is against the law.

Website domains belong to owners, and words on those pages are property. Information on the Internet is free to read and view, not to take and reuse, rewrite or republish without permission.

Fair Use

Fair use means that you are allowed to use an excerpt with attribution. Attribution entails crediting the source and/or providing a link/URL to the article from which the information was taken. If you go too far, Google will assess you a “content scraping” penalty. See “Demystifying the duplicate content penalty.”

Additionally, I or a legal adviser will contact you to remove the content. Should you refuse to comply, we will swiftly move to file formal complaints with your DNS, all search engines and advertisers. If the violation is more serious, an attorney with 20 years experience in copyright law and intellectual property litigation will be instructed to seek an injunction and monetary damages. is “All Rights Reserved,” which means I never allow articles, tables or photos to be used without express written permission. Why not exchange links and cooperate to expand exposure for both of us?

Ideas and content are sourced from personal experience, then independently verified — I can explain exactly how, why, when and from whom I got them if they’re not my own. If you cannot do the same, you must attribute or give credit to whomever and wherever you did.

I do not steal from you. Please do not steal from me.


I conceptualized this website in 2006 before official ministry/dimosio websites existed and started it February 2007 after doing an exhaustive search of newspapers, books, other websites, embassy guides and government literature, and finding nothing current, complete or accurate to help English-speaking, non-EU citizens seeking guidance about Greece.* Essentially, it is the website I needed before I arrived in 1997. I also have solid credentials that establish me as an expert on Greece, as explained in “About Me.”

There will be no hesitation on my part to password protect certain posts and make this a private site, since I am providing assistance for free.

Should you doubt the information provided on this site, you are free to choose other resources; hire a lawyer of variable knowledge and experience; go to a forum where the goal is to generate traffic, not dispense accurate answers; or seek official information direct from the source as I have and still do. That is your absolute right. I do not represent the government or pretend to be an attorney.

I put a lot of time and effort to take and save my own notes over 14 years and tap a number of sources to create this compilation out of generosity and goodwill to make life easier or at least more clear for others, answer questions and hopefully have a laugh or two along the way. Please respect that, even if you may not appreciate it.

Thank you and keep smiling 🙂

*Beware of “official” websites. KEP, Greek government/ministry, City of Athens, Greek consulates/embassies, the American Embassy in Athens, a half dozen lawyers and a number of Greek/expat websites run by people without credentials started similar presentations as of late 2007-2009, after IP reports show they visited my website. Therefore, you are not necessarily getting confirmation from different sources.


First let me say, this is Greece.

Depending on who you are, where you come from, what connections you have and how much money is in your arsenal, you will be treated as such. Sometimes you are treated badly for sport, sometimes allowed to pass unnoticed or given leniency because someone got a glimpse of cleavage. I once got out of a tax penalty because I was laughing, but I’ve also been penalized more for the same thing. This is Greece. That’s just the way it is.

Keeping that in mind, there are a lot of rules in place to keep the mean green bureaucracy machine churning AND a lot of people breaking those rules OR making up new ones just because they can probably get away with it. The information I provide on this site has been gathered from printed laws, official literature from municipal offices, first-hand experience and experiences of others, but your experience may still differ from mine and dozens of others…or as I like to say, “results may vary.” This is Greece. That’s just the way it is.

Sto kalo!

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