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Use the ‘Search’ option. Also use your web browser, go to ‘Edit’ then ‘Find’ and type in a word on a specific article. I no longer answer any questions about Greece.

  • If you didn’t find what you were looking for after doing that, I encourage you to ask a specific question, and I will do my best to reply, update the article with the information you’re looking for or point you in the right direction.
  • Try limiting questions to subjects on offer. There is no open forum because it is time consuming to run, monitor and maintain quality standards.
  • If your question was lengthy or requires an answer I must research, there may be a delay if I am traveling or working on deadline.

This guide was created to democratically assist thousands daily who want my help. It is impractical to write emails, send private messages on Twitter, Skype chat or have coffee with one person, when time can be best spent on creating an article to assist everyone. In addition to countless hours I invest to conduct research in person, crosscheck authoritative sources, code HTML and perform translations from Greek to English — you didn’t think everything was in English, did you? — 300+ posts are consistently updated with new information, even if I write nothing new that day.

I provide this guide and curate the Twitter news feed in my spare time, but I am not a public service or attorney and this is a side project from which I earn no money. Kindly respect that I work full time, travel and have a home, personal life, and family and friends worldwide.

Prefer an official website? If you doubt the information based on official documentation, interviews, reader feedback and 15 years of first-hand real life experience, feel free to go direct to Greek authorities as I have and still do. Be aware that official websites rarely match reality, and many online guides/forums have copied and reused my information without permission, so you are not necessarily getting confirmation from different sources.

Unpublished/redundant questions: If you ask a question that has been answered, I reserve the right to delete it or not answer. It makes more sense to publish new information than repeat what I already spent the time to research, translate, write, update and make available for free.

Recommendations: Recommendations for doctors, lawyers, accountants, wedding planners, real estate agents, bakeries and where to live in Greece should come from friends, relatives and acquaintances you know and trust, or from your own personal experience. My advice has also been misconstrued as endorsement or promotion, which I’m against. I am a stranger, as are people in forums, and we may not have the same preferences or standards as you, nor should anyone assume responsibility for your decisions.

Requests for jobs in Greece: Posting your phone number, email address and CV or requesting my help/advice to find you a job will be ignored, as I am not an employment agency and I give leads to friends whose character and qualifications I know well.

Giving back: I do not accept cash or gifts. I only ask that people respect the copyright of this website, be polite, recommend me to a friend or in public forums with a link back and/or give back to the website by sharing first-hand experience on any subject to keep information fresh and help me to help others. Just leave a comment or compliment on any open article, and your contribution will be credited and acknowledged.

Using material from this site: My copyright is clearly stated, and you must mention this website as the source if you take anything from it. Fair use entails using an excerpt attributed with a link back to the source. If you do not understand why, please read “Warning and Disclaimer.”

Closed posts: Ten posts are closed thanks to 75-95 percent of people asking questions already answered in the article or previous comments, and wanting me to spoon-feed information. Look at the last comment for advice. All posts are now closed due to my time being spent elsewhere as of December 2015.

Protected posts: A few posts are password-protected due to Greek embassies/consulates, foreign embassies, newspapers, lawyers, fellow expats, forums, blogs and official government websites about Greece reusing my information and experiences as their own. This is plagiarism and copyright infringement, which is against the law and the policy set forth in “Warning and Disclaimer.” *No one has access to these posts except me, and I do not show preferential treatment to anyone.

Can people be happy about the info available and not be pushy, greedy or self-entitled?

A website is not an invitation to unlimited free consultation on any subject. That’s the responsibility of the government, which my taxes pay for.

Living in Greece teaches self-reliance and is provided in the absence of state assistance. It is not a crutch to lean on for everything.

Contacting Me

My email address is unlisted due to time constraints. At work I read the equivalent of Moby Dick every day in two languages, and for @livingingreece and — provided out of goodwill — I filter 500 emails, answer comments, file plagiarism claims and update dozens of articles. In the future, a publicist will handle inquiries.

Business inquiries

Media agencies, commercial enterprises and professionals can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, including how to contact me directly.

Inquiries on Greece

1. See ‘Questions’ above. Seriously. Answers to 85 percent of questions I get are found on the front page or via a simple search.

2. Use ‘Comments’ on any open post and tell me if your need is urgent (i.e., jail, deportation, spousal abuse, etc.), why you need assistance and relevant background information. Moderation is turned on to protect the privacy of your message. Mark it ‘private’ if you want it to stay that way.

3. Ask a simple question on Twitter, if you have an account or are willing to sign up for one. Please be aware that you:
a) must set your profile to ‘public’ at the time you ask a question or I will not see your question. You can revert to ‘private’ and delete your messages after I answer;
b) must address the message to me by using @livingingreece or I will not see it; and
c) must ‘follow’ me (at least temporarily) or it will be impossible for me to answer privately via direct message (DM). I do not and will not answer publicly because 35,000 followers will read it. Find me at:
d) must respect my time. Do not join Twitter in hopes of receiving special treatment or bypassing a post closed to comments. Policies stated on this page still apply.
*Questions of a complex nature and requests for advice should be left on the website, as Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters. If your question has background info or you abbreviate words beyond recognition, I will direct you back to

Go direct to Greek authorities for answers. I recommend against hiring a lawyer and posting in forums because I know too many people who were misled and/or cheated out of precious time and money without promised results, then came to me to fix it.

All best!


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