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Hospitals in Greece open all day

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Twenty public hospitals or νοσοκομεία/nosokomeia in Greece are open until 22:00 on weekdays and 8:00-14:00 Saturdays from December 1, 2010, with the aim of better serving patients, increasing turnover to €1 billion in five years and offering cost-effective health care to households seeking to cut costs.

City hospitals of the national health system (ΕΣΥ/ESY) typically offer outpatient care weekdays 8:00 to 14:00 or 14:30, with some departments closing as early as 10:30 and ‘on-duty’ hospitals handling emergencies outside normal hours on a rotating basis. Hospitals in rural areas may only provide basic services and can be open as little as two hours a day, switching between summer and winter schedules. As a result, an increasing number of residents willingly pay more for private medical care, which is perceived as more trustworthy and convenient.

A total of 25 were scheduled to open all day in the first phase, but Eleftherotypia reports that five are now pending after disputes arose. The Greek Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (ΥΠΚΑ/YPKA) says participation is voluntary and envisions all hospitals will be open extended hours as part of its health care reform.

*Article last updated August 2, 2012


Agl. Kyriakou/Αγλ. Κυριακού Children’s Hospital
Thivon & Leivadeias, 11527 Αthens, (213) 2009000

Evangelismos/ Ευαγγελισμός
Ipsilantou 45-47, Athens 106 75, (213) 2041000

Gennimatas Athens/Γεννηματάς Αθήνας
Mesogeion 154, Holargos 115 27, (213) 2032000

Nikis 2, 145 61 Kifissia, (213) 2086000

Botsari 51, Piraeus 185 37, (213) 207.9100

Afentouli & Tzani, Piraeus 185 36, (213) 2081000


Stil Kyriakidi 1, 54 636 Thessaloniki, (2313) 303110

6th km. of Alexandroupolis Makris, Dragana 68100, (25510) 74000

Ring Road Neas Efkarpias, Thessaloniki 56249, (2313) 323000

57010 Thessaloniki, (2313) 307000

Alex Symeonidi 2, 54007 Thessaloniki, (2310) 898111 (offline)

Elsewhere on the Mainland

Ioannina, University Hospital of/Πανεπιστημιακά Ιωαννίνων
Leof. Stavros Niarchos, 45500 Ioannina, (26510) 99111

Amer. Erythrou Stavrou (American Red Cross) 1, 65201 Kavala, (2513) 501100

Tsakalof 1, Larissa 41221, (2410) 230031 (offline)

Patra Ag. Andreas/Πατρών Αγ. Ανδρέας
Tsertidou 1, 26335 Patra, (2613) 601000

Rio (Patra), University Hospital of/Πανεπιστημιακά Ρίου
26504 Rio of Patra, (2610) 999111

Polymeri 134, Volos 38222, (24210) 94200


Chania, General Hospital of/Γενικό Χανίων
73100 Mournies Chania, (28210) 22000

Irakleio, General Hospital of/
Γενικό Ηρακλείου/Βενιζέλειο-Πανάνειο

Leof. Knossou Τ.Th. 44, (2813) 408000

Irakleio, University Hospital of/Πανεπιστημιακό Ηρακλείου
71001 Irakleio, (2810) 392111

Now Pending

Originally scheduled to open December 1 but now pending.

Ag. Savvas/ Άγ. Σάββας
Leof. Alexandras 171, 115 22 Athens, (210) 6409000

Ag. Sofia/Αγ. Σοφία Children’s Hospital
Thivon & Papadiamantopoulou, 115 27 Athens, (213) 2013000

Rimini 1, Haidari 124 62, (210) 5831000

Red Cross Hospital/Ερυθρός (Korgialeneio-Benakeio)
Er. Stavrou 1, 11526 Athens, (210) 6414000

Ippokrateio Athens (cardiology)/Ιπποκράτειο Αθήνας (καρδιολογικά)
Vas. Sofias 114, 115 27 Athens, (210) 7483770


All state hospitals in Greece will eventually be integrated, with highest priority placed on specialized units in Athens scheduled to join in March 2011.

Ag. Anargyroi (radiotherapy)/Άγιοι Ανάργυροι (ακτινοθεραπείες)
Kalyftaki 145, 145 64 Ν. Kifissia, (210) 2388790

Alexandras (breast, gynecology, burn unit)/
Αλεξάνδρα (μαστός, γυναικολογικά, πυρηνική ιατρική)

Vas. Sofias 80, 115 28 Athens, (210) 7770501

Elena Venizelou (gynecology)/Έλενα Βενιζέλου (γυναικολογικά)
Plateia El. Venizelou 2, 115 21 Athens, (210) 6402000

Nikaias National, Ag. Panteleimon/Κρατικό Νίκαιας
Mantouvalou 3, Nikaia 184 54, (213) 20 77000

Sotiria (pulmonary)/Σωτηρία (πνευμονολογικά)
Leof. Mesogeion 152, 11527 Athens, (210) 7778611

Thriasio/Θριάσιο (Elefsina)
L. G. Gennimata, Magoula 196 00, (210) 5534000

Do I need an appointment?

In non-emergency cases, it is recommended you schedule an appointment by calling ‘14784‘ or a dedicated hotline listed by the hospital. Some locations also have a window where you stand in line and make an appointment in person.

Greek hospitals take outpatient walk-ins, but you may need to arrive (very) early in the morning to take a number with no guarantee you’ll be called that day.

How much will it cost?

All diagnostic, lab, therapeutic and surgical services administered by state-run facilities during regular and extended business hours will be covered according to the policies governing your insurance. There should not be an extra fee at these locations. Bring your AMKA, insurance information and/or Βιβλιάριο Υγείας/health book.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Patients seeking medical attention in Greece without insurance coverage must pay out-of-pocket. For example:

Fees at university hospitals: 45-90 euros.
Fee to see a Specialist: 30-80 euros.
Fee to see a doctor in rural areas: 20-55 euros.

It is advised you inquire about price before receiving services.


Σε 20 νοσοκομεία εφαρμόστηκε η ολοήμερη λειτουργία” — Eleftherotypia
Ανοικτά όλη μέρα 25 νοσοκομεία από την Τετάρτη” — Imerisia
Χρήσιμα Τηλέφωνα & Διευθύνσεις — Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
Ολοήµερα 25 νοσοκοµεία από αύριο” — Ta Nea
Από σήμερα ολοήμερα 25 νοσοκομεία” — Ta Nea
Προαιρετική η συμμετοχή νοσοκομείων σε ολοήμερη λειτουργία“– Kathimerini

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