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How to replace a Greek driver’s license

Greek driver’s license card from

Greek citizens, EU citizens and non-EU citizens with a valid Greek driver’s license can request that the Ministry of Transport issue a replacement, if it was lost or stolen, damaged or worn.

*Article last updated on April 10, 2013

Basic criteria

1. Have a valid driver’s license issued by Greece at time of application
— Driver’s license must be renewed, if not valid

2. Not be in possession of another driver’s license in the same class, issued by Greece or another EU/EEA member state
— Applicant must surrender other driver’s license to get a Greek one

3. Be normally resident in Greece

Who  is normally resident?

a) A Greek citizen who resides in Greece at least 185 days of the year;
b) a non-Greek EU citizen who resides in Greece at least 185 days of the year;
c) a non-EU citizen who has applied for or is in possession of a valid residence permit sticker/card for Greece. A bebaiosi (blue paper with photo) is only acceptable if you are in renewal of a previous permit.

Documents and fees

Assuming the applicant meets the three basic requirements listed above, he/she must collect the following items:

1. Proof of identity — One (1) photocopy and original for verification
— Greek citizens: Greek ID/tautotita, copy of front and back on one side of paper, then certified at a KEP Citizen Service Centre or police station
— Non-Greek citizens: Passport, copy of photo page, then certified by police station or lawyer

2. Proof of residency for non-Greek citizens
— Non-Greek EU/EEA citizens: Residence certificate/permit
— Non-EU/EEA citizens: Residence permit sticker/card
— One (1) photocopy, then certified at a KEP Citizen Service Centre or police station

3. Two (2) recent passport photos
*Some locations ask for one; some want two. Better to have too many than too few.

4. Valid driving license or police report
— If worn or damaged, present the license (or what’s left of it)
— If lost or stolen, present a police report

5. Application (in Greek).

6. Form A8 (in Greek).

7. One fee paid to the tax office
— One παράβολο/parabolo for 9.02 euros, showing you paid a fixed stamp tax (χαρτοσήμο/xartosimo).
— Go to the tameio (cashier)

8. Alternate name documentation, if applicable
– Dual Greek citizens who have a name different than the transliterated Latin name should provide a photocopy of a non-Greek passport or birth certificate or other official document specified by Greek authorities.
*Effective November 7, 2011. See section below called, ‘How is my Greek name written in Latin?’ for more information.

9. One fee paid to National Bank of Greece
— One receipt for 30 euros (5 copies) – Levy to cover cost of printing license
— Paid to account ‘ND 638/1970’: The teller will know if you simply say “gia adeia odigisis”

10. One fee paid to National Bank of Greece, if license was lost or stolen
— Price: €30 (first time), €60 (second, third, consecutive times) – processing fee
— Paid to account ‘ND 638/1970’: The teller will know if you simply say “gia adeia odigisis”
*If the driver’s license was not lost or stolen, applicant does not pay this fee

If applicant is obliged to pay fees in #9 and #10, separate receipts must be issued even though both are deposited at the National Bank of Greece. Why? Because they apply to different services and receipts are sent to different offices.

Sometime in 2013, the Ministry of Finance intends to allow applicants to pay fees online via the TAXIS website ( I will update when it’s operational.

Candidates may also specify blood type by submitting a document issued by a private doctor, lab or hospital, though this is optional.

Where to apply

Applicants can take everything to the Ministry of Transport office nearest their residence.

Or go to KEP Citizen Service Centres, which tend to be more conveniently located, open longer hours and may have staff to assist you in English. Find a location near you:

How is my Greek name written in Latin?

Names in English/Latin letters on driver’s licenses are transliterated from Greek, following a formula set by ELOT 743 that harmonizes with the International Standard (ISO 843). To see your name transliterated to Latin, click “ELOT 743 Translator,” use the left column and enter your name in Greek letters.

As of November 2011, law 401/2011 gives citizens the right to specify a transliterated name AND a translated name, as long as you present documentation specified above in #11 in ‘Documents and fees’. For example:

  • ΠΑΝΑΓΙΟΤΗΣ, followed by PANAGIOTIS OR PETER (taken from a private email).


Πρόστιμο 200 ευρώ σε οδηγούς χωρίς δίπλωμα οδήγησης” — Naftemporiki
Έκδοση αντιγράφου άδειας οδήγησης Ελληνικής ή κράτους-μέλους της Ε.Ε. λόγω απώλειας ή κλοπής ή φθοράς ή αλλοίωσης” — YME
Γάμος με ψηφιακά παράβολα” — To Vima

For comparison purposes only:  “Replacing a driver’s licence with a respective community one” — KEP (English version, incomplete and inaccurate)

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*This post was inspired by Thanasi’s question. Instead of just giving him a link and answers, I wrote it up for everyone.


  Thanasis wrote @ March 25th, 2010 at 07:05

I have lost my Greek drivers license. Do you know the process of getting another one? Do I have to go through all those steps again?

And can you drive in NY with a Greek license?

Thank you

Kat Reply:

While doing research for your first question, I decided to turn the answer into the above article so everyone can benefit.

The answer to your second question about driving in NY with a Greek license can be found at: “Drivers from other nations” from the NY State DMV. Restrictions on foreign driver’s licenses are different in every state in the USA.

  nIKO wrote @ March 28th, 2010 at 15:29

I have read all your blog and I must say that it has so much information that no one else has on the Net. Bravo 🙂

  manjit wrote @ October 23rd, 2012 at 17:13

i have greek driving licence (truck and bus). can i work in usa or canada with these licence

Kat Reply:

A Greek driver’s license is only good for driving in Greece. It entitles you to live and work nowhere.

To work in another country, you must have citizenship of that country or get permission to immigrate and work there.
– Canada

Once you have permission to immigrate and work, you start from zero in getting a license unless that country offers a swap. Most don’t. Also keep in mind that the USA is composed of individual states and each has different driver’s license laws.

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