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Status of Olympic Airlines flights after September 29 now known

first Olympic Air flightWith less than 72 hours before launch, the Marfin Investment Group officially announced that starting September 29, 2009 it would welcome all passengers with (ex) Olympic Airlines tickets on board the new Olympic Air for destinations still being served, or book them at no extra cost with a different airline if the route has been abandoned. Customers can also opt for a full refund.

Marfin also announced that Olympic Air would be commencing operations on September 29, not October 1, 2009. Olympic Airlines started parking its planes in Athens for the last time on Monday. Anyone traveling during the changeover should expect disruptions in service.

Those with tickets for destinations still being flown by the new Olympic Air may have had their flight itineraries changed. It is highly recommended to check the new schedule or confirm in advance, especially if you have a connecting flight, hotel/cruise/taxi bookings or package tours that will be impacted. See “Olympic Air Schedule Sept 29-Oct 24 or visit their new website in Greek and English, launched September 23, at:

Before Saturday’s announcement, up to 3,000 Olympic Airlines passengers were left for weeks in limbo over flights they were allowed to book on terminated routes after September 29. Others were faced with cancellations and altered flight times that no longer suited their travel plans.

*Article last updated September 28, 2009.

Photo from Athens News Agency

Routes abandoned by the new Olympic Air

On September 15 at 11:00, the Marfin Investment Group released the new Olympic Air’s start-up schedule, which runs September 29 to October 24; it was republished on Athens Airport Aviation News at 22:32. The following routes have been abandoned and are NOT on their schedule:

– Athens-Syros
– Athens-Kozani/Kastoria
– Thessaloniki-Rhodes (direct flight)
– Thessaloniki-Hania
– Thessaloniki-Irakleio

– Thessaloniki-Istanbul
– From Athens to :
New York, Montreal/Toronto, Johannesburg, Kuwait/Dubai, Madrid, Manchester, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Berlin, Moscow

What does this mean? It means that anyone holding a ticket for these destinations with the old Olympic Airlines will not be boarding a flight home on the new Olympic Air but will be booked on a different airline at no extra cost or receive a full refund.

Winter schedules starting October 25 will be announced.

* Huge hat tip to EllasDevil who contributed greatly by leaving comments with the relevant links.

Contact Info

It is important to understand that this changeover is not a transfer. Please use the information below according to the dates I’ve listed.

1st km Varis Koropiou & Ifaistou St.
194 00 Koropi
Tel: 801 801 01 01 (from a local land line within Greece)
Tel: +30 (210) 355-0500 (from a cell/mobile within Greece or any phone from outside Greece)

19019 Spata
Tel: +30 (210) 353-0000

67 Thisseos
146 71 Nea Erythrea
Tel: +30 (210) 35 04 000

OLYMPIC AIRLINES S.A. (only until September 28, 2009)
Tel: +30 (210) 356-8447  (at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport)
Fax: +30 (210) 966-6244
Other locations: “List of Olympic Airlines Offices worldwide, hours of operation, phone/fax numbers” (link broken)
Tel: 801 11 44444 (Sales/reservations, toll-free within Greece)
Tel: +30 (210) 966-6666 (Sales/reservations)

Original article (*for reference only*)

Between 1,500 to 3,000 Olympic Airlines passengers are in limbo over return flights booked after September 29, the date on which the airline will cease operation and many routes terminate.

Development Minister Kostis Hatzidakis stated in March that “flights will continue to operate normally,” after the Greek government sold Olympic Airlines to the Dubai-backed Marfin Investment Group in a privatization deal worth €177.2 million.

However, passengers are affected because the changeover involves a complete restructuring, including the reallocation of 11 routes to South Africa, Canada, Albania, Kuwait, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Serbia, UAE and Turkey, which Olympic Airlines can no longer monopolize; and abandoning outdated aircraft with questionable maintenance records in favor of a modern fleet of Airbus A320s and Bombardier Q400s, five of which are fuel-efficient and low-emission NextGen airliners.

Marfin also aims to turn unprofitable year-round routes, such as Athens-JFK and Athens-Toronto, into code-shares or seasonal flights that run April-October. Despite a strong Greek diaspora, Olympic Airlines tied for second worst passenger load performance of 33 European airlines at 51.2 percent capacity in the first half of 2009. The Association of European Airlines (AEA) called July airline traffic “a desperate situation,” especially in high season when airlines at 81.8 percent capacity are not making money.

These stats contradict what Icarus frequent flyer members reported, saying they could not reach an Olympic representative to book an award flight — though 50 extra staff were hired to assist during the transition — or were told that there was no seat availability until September 24, a mere six days before program terminates forever. Members were notified in May to spend miles or lose them.

On September 17, Marfin’s new Olympic Air announced a code-share to New York with Delta starting October 1. However, this does not mean that JFK customers are necessarily returning on Delta; official word must come from the current Olympic Airlines. To date, there has been no firm announcement by Olympic Airlines regarding if and how passengers will be accommodated on return flights after September 30. Travel agents, passengers and media alike have been unsuccessful in getting a definitive answer.

OA’s last press release was published on its website October 1, 2008. Photos of singer Sakis Rouvas boarding a flight to Moscow for Eurovision 2009 and posing with a pilot’s hat were posted May 2009. I think that says it all.

Olympic Airlines Sakis

Who is Responsible?

One could argue that the current Olympic Airlines and Greek government are responsible because they were happy to take passengers’ money without properly informing them of the risks and uncertainty surrounding flights returning after September 30. Perhaps they think they can sweep it under the rug because it won’t be their problem.

Another could argue that it depends on the deal struck between Olympic Airlines and Marfin’s Olympic Air.

Regardless, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone who knows the way Greece works or has flown Olympic Airlines on a previous occasion. See my “10 Tips for flying Olympic Airlines.” Consistency in transparency, customer service, safety and quality are long-standing issues.

Your Options

1. Contact Olympic first: Press them for an answer in person or by phone, if they answer. Contact info is provided at the bottom of this article.

2. Involve Your Travel Agent: Depending on the conditions under which your ticket was purchased, a travel agent may be able to cancel the return leg and rebook you on a different airline. Popular travel websites (Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.) also have leverage, and filing a protest with credit card companies may be an option.

3. Consult Your Travel Insurance Policy: Some travel insurance policies offer compensation.

4. Educate Yourself with BBC’s “Q&A: New Passenger’s Rights,” which gives a brief overview of a European Commission regulation passed February 17, 2005. It applies to you, regardless of nationality.

5. Invoke Your Rights with Passenger/Consumer Advocates

a) European Commission Transport
— Learn about EC Regulation 261/2004, which establishes the rights of all air passengers flying within the EU
— Make contact with the EC
Download a complaint form to file with the National Enforcement Body (NEB) in Greece, which is:

Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority
Vas. Georgiou 1
16604 Elliniko
Tel: +30 (210) 891-6000
Fax: +30 (210) 894-7101
website :
Email :

b) Civil Aviation Authority for flights originally booked in the UK.

c) European Consumer Centre Network made up of 28 countries, including Greece, and offers support for consumers across the EU.
— Fill out the online Complaint Form
— Call the Consumer Hotline at ‘1520’ (within Greece; line open M-F 8:00-20:00, Sa 8:30-20:00)
— Contact the local office in Athens:

Ευρωπαϊκή Κέντρο Καταναλωτή
c/o Hellenic Ministry of Development
Director: Ioanna Haralabopoúlou
Kanigos Square
GR 10 181 Athens
Tel: +30 (210) 330-5062
Fax: +30 (210) 382-9640
website: (blank)
Correct website is:

d) Greek National Tourist Organization or EOT
— Register a complaint by calling ‘1572’, via email or use their Complaint Form.


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“Cards and Privileges” (removed) – OA Icarus Program
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Bombardier signs airline for five Q400 NextGen airliners” — Reuters
Press Release: Eight new Bombadier aircraft Q400, worth 224 million, for Olympic Air” — Marfin Investment Group
Olympic Airlines to be sold by September” — AFP (Times of India)
“National Enforcement Bodies according to Regulation [EC] 261/2004 from 17 February 2005″ (removed) — European Commission Transport Section
Clearance for Olympic deal to take off” — Kathimerini


Please note that I do not have further information or answers at this time. Everything I know and was able to investigate is listed above.

Photo from the OA website’s News and Events


  FMS wrote @ September 14th, 2009 at 12:31

I stopped using Olympic years ago for exactly these reasons. Nothing is honest, nothing is reliable, nobody gives a **** about the customer…

In my opinion, if people are stupid enough to buy tickets under these conditions, then probably they expect to be abused. You would be surprised how many people buy Greek products for nationalistic reasons — my heart bleeds for their losses.

  EllasDevil wrote @ September 14th, 2009 at 21:51

I agree that they could / should be a little more forthcoming with information but you have to remember that Olympic Airlines are members of all the relevent authorities which protect passengers should their be any problem.

The Olympic Airlines website seems to still offer for sale tickets past October first but only to desinations that will still be served (e.g. London) but no flights available to destinations that will be discontinued (e.g. destinations within Germany).

As the Olympic Air website ( doesn’t yet offer the ability to book tickets and the fact that Olympic Air is keeping a lot of Olympic Airlines routes then one would assume that your booking is safe.

However for passengers who already have preconfirmed tickets for desinations that will not be served, one would assume they will be moved to different airlines.

Perhaps it’s a little premature to be printing out complaint forms. Perhaps you’ll fly on the new Olympic Air if you’re on one of the routes that are being kept or perhaps you’ll have accept being moved to an alternative carrier if you’re route has been discontinued.

I really don’t see anyone being left in a situation where they are told “ha ha, you booked with the old company so you’re now left high and dry”.

So I’d probably say it’s a case of watch this space.

As for Icarus miles… I cashed mine in earlier this year as I expected there to be no availability as we approached closer to October! :-)

Kat Reply:

That’s great the website was (finally) adjusted, but the 1,500 to 3,000 people I’m talking about already have tickets to destinations that will no longer be served by the new Olympic Air (aka, routes that were reallocated to other airlines or cut). One cannot assume anything in a country where people are proud of disorganization, strikes, non-implementation and dismissively leaving people to fend for themselves. I don’t operate on rumor or assumptions, and I don’t know anyone who enjoys paying money for tickets that will “perhaps” be honored. Airlines in general get away with a lot more, citing cutbacks, new rules and the state of the world.

This article was written with a view to tell passengers the ‘why’ (aka, OA wasn’t simply irresponsible) behind the non-streamlined transition. I never said people should be filling out complaint forms; I just want them to have a little peace of mind and be informed of their rights and where they can go if indeed they are left high and dry in the end because not all of these people have connections inside OA. Where’s the harm in empowering people? I also said the article would be updated when/if new info came to light.

Icarus members were supposed to be informed in May to use miles, though I don’t know if they really were; many programs roll over/transfer miles to the new owner and rarely terminate programs altogether. I signed up twice to be a member many years ago and never got a card or letter, so I took that as a sign of future service and went with the Star and One World Alliances instead. Very happy with my decision.

  Val wrote @ September 14th, 2009 at 21:12

I have just booked my first Olympic flight for 11 years,( to Amsterdam) and I hope it won’t be affected by this recent news. The last time I flew Olympic the flight was cancelled( strike) rebooked the next day ,delayed ( strike of airtraffic controllers) . Finally got to Athens two days late. The whole country was on strike by then , ferries stopped and I had to wait behind rows of trucks who were stranded . My first experience of Greece! Still I came here to live .
PS Husband has flown several times with Olympic to Manchester- apart from some delays he seems satisfied!

Kat Reply:

That route is not affected.

  Stuart wrote @ September 15th, 2009 at 09:23

I have been using Olympic to fly Manchester / Athens / Rhodes ofor the last 4 years ever since we bought a house on Rhodes and have found them to be very reliable although the aircraft are a bit aged now and do need to be replaced never had any probs with booking though until now. I have booked to go back to Rhodes 19th to 28th Nov, saw a message on the Manchester airport terminal one site saying that no Olympic flights to Athens after 28th Sept. I contacted my travel agents and asked what was happening, they say that they have not been informed by Olympic of any changes and that they have spoken with Olympic who say the flight is still operating. Am Getting a little worried now though as I need to know what is actually going off in case I have to re schedule my flight

  Olympic-No Thanks wrote @ September 15th, 2009 at 17:24

I flew to London last week on OA as it was a last minute arrangement and the only flight that suited my time schedule. Although everything was OK, even the flight attendants were nice, I kept thinking that in an emergency could these cute, petite, butterfly-girly flight attendants actually perform their duties and help passengers in a time of need? As much as I may complain about Delta Airline’s unattractive flight attendants, I’d much rather have Delta’s Big Marge helping me out in an emergency than Maria the Girly girl.

  alexandra K wrote @ September 15th, 2009 at 18:18

I purchased a ticket for the middle of October, called them to ask what’s going to happen and the answer was that “sorry, we have no idea, you might lose your ticket but we’ll return the taxes”.

Not left “high and dry”? I don’t think so…

  EllasDevil wrote @ September 15th, 2009 at 23:39

From Athens Airport Aviation News

Olympic Air, the new carrier established in Greece by Marfin Investment Group deployed today its startup schedule. Flights cover the period between 29Sep and 24Oct. You can view the whole timetable at:

Routes that are abandoned are :
Domestic Network :
– Athens-Syros
– Athens-Kozani/Kastoria
– Thessaloniki-Rhodes (direct flight)
– Thessaloniki-Chania
– Thessaloniki-Heraklion
International Network :
– Thessaloniki-Istanbul
– From Athens to :
New York

Kat Reply:

This means that anyone holding a ticket for one of these destinations will not be boarding a flight home on the new Olympic Air, and Olympic Airlines should be offering you a codeshare on a different airline or a refund for the unused portion of your ticket.

Eleni Reply:

I bought through the Internet 3 tickets Larnaka-Madrid and the flights were cancelled because of the change from Olympic Airways to Olympic Air. This was last August. Eversince, I have been calling, sending emails to Greece and Cyprus without receiving an answer when I will have my money back.

  FMS wrote @ September 17th, 2009 at 13:58

Slightly off-topic, Kat, [:-)] I do admire your determination to continue using the grammatical construction “should” when in Greece. In this context, it means “ought to” from the verb “to owe”, but given my experiences of Greek comprehension of the concept, I never use it. You’re better off with “may” or “might” when considering moral or even legal obligations in Greece. Good luck to OA (non?)flyers!

Kat Reply:

I did use “owes” in the other article, and am very intentional in my word selection, choosing not to repeat the same phrases. Thus “should,” “could,” “perhaps,” “might,” “owe” and “may” are sprinkled alternatively and gratuitously throughout this site to describe what can happen (or not) in the flexible country we call Greece.

  Dimitris wrote @ September 19th, 2009 at 23:35

All Olympic airmiles (known as the Icarus frequent flyer program) expire at the end of September 2009.

On the phone they told me I must use them by September 28th. If you have no use for them donate them to someone who has!

Kat Reply:

This is not new. I already gave this information and link in the article above. I also said they notified members back in May to use miles; if you didn’t receive a notification, you/they probably don’t have the correct contact info on file.

  Gerassimos wrote @ September 20th, 2009 at 17:39

I was the first station manager, when Olympic, in april 1969 opened the service Athens/Montreal/Chicago and back to to Athens.

Everybody was complaining about ONASSIS, and the Greek government did their best to take over….and instead of improving, you see what happened. Finally now it is under a private ownership.

Olympic Airlines was ruined by their own people, and now they pretend that they are the victims. (Cockpit and cabin crew were the ones controlling the company.) Onassis knew every single point but was holding her only for his pride and for him was his hobby.

Kitchener Ontario

  Alex wrote @ September 20th, 2009 at 19:22

Hi all! sorry for my english I’m from Italy.
Please can you tell me if this flight is confirmed (I’m not able to see):
flight OA39, from Karpathos to Athens 03/10 16:05-17:20

Please if you know that this is not canceled tell me soon, since I’m leaving Italy for Greece this Tuesday form my (nice?) holidays…!!!

Kat Reply:

This flight is not on the canceled/abandoned list, as my article states above.

The schedule says that OA39 from Karpathos (AOK) to Athens (ATH) on October 3 is 10:20-11:20; there is one later that day but only by 2 hours (12:30-13:45). The flight for 16:05-17:20 is now OA41 and operates only on Mondays.

  Val wrote @ September 20th, 2009 at 22:25

Just listen to this anyone who has flown OA and you will understand our philosophy!!!

  Alex wrote @ September 21st, 2009 at 17:10

Kat, thank you very much: you saved my life!!!

It’s 5 days that I try to:
– phone all olympic office (the only one that answer is the “cargo” one, lol)
– email olympic (tried different address)
– ask anyone how can I do

AND NOBODY answered me!!! You are the only one and I have to thank you so much! Moreover because I’m leaving tomorrow morning!

Well, tomorrow I will be in Athens for a break of 3 hours, then I will take the other flight (fortunately tomorrow my trip will be all with Aegean). Then since I’m in Athens for so a long time, I will DEFINITELY try to find the Olympic office and change my return flight with the 12:30, THANKS TO YOU I can tell them that there is no flight at 16:05.

With my heart: thanks, thanks, thanks.

Kat Reply:

It’s my pleasure. Hopefully, they will not charge you a fee to change the flight. Well, at least you have one. Some people have nothing. Have a nice trip!

  Alex wrote @ September 21st, 2009 at 18:52

well, I have to say this…: just few minutes ago, “magically” they answered to one of my mails. this is the answer, from “”

“What to say…? I don’t know!
I will ask the local OA office in Karpathos about 1-2 days before the flight.”

They don’t seem to be worried about flights, since “the name of company changed not the flight”.

I’m sorry to hear that, as you say, some people have nothing… I hope they will give something. :)

Bye, Alex

  Karen wrote @ September 21st, 2009 at 20:33

Ack. Thank you so much for publishing this.

My family has been planning this trip to Santorini for several years now, as a way of celebrating our daughter’s 16th birthday. Greece was her choice – and a way of honoring her heritage.

I rec’d an email today stating that my flights had changed significantly. We’re flying AirFrance to Athens, but needed to make the connection to Santorini. Because of the time change, our layover is now less than one hour. I’ve tried to access the website – but after an hour or so of frustration, did a general websearch and found out what has actually happened.

Obviously I’m worried. Should I attempt to cancel my tickets and go by ferry instead?

Kat Reply:

How unfortunate! The commentator before you had his flight changed by 6 hours and, as you saw, there is no info on the website. Everything I found is in the article, which is updated with new info as it comes available.

Everything could go fine…or not. In a worse case scenario — you miss the flight, or there is no flight to miss — you can still get a ferry or another flight this time a year if they don’t accommodate you, and you can protest the charge if you used a credit card. It’s impossible for me to advise you on making the best decision, since we don’t know what’s going to happen. It really comes down to your comfort level.

  Karen wrote @ September 22nd, 2009 at 01:27

Kat – thank you for your response. I also got in contact with the folks who own the villa where we’ll be staying. They suggested I try booking on Aegean.

I think I’m going to make the haul to JFK airport tomorrow to see if I can get a refund from OA due to the time change.

:::laugh::: I realize you don’t have a crystal ball, but the sympathy is comforting! ;-)

Kat Reply:

Hi again, Karen. I didn’t take it that way. It’s awkward to give advice when living/working/traveling in a country (and with an airline) that is unpredictable. I don’t like it but am used to it. Your daughter only turns 16 once, and this is an important trip, so I completely empathize with your situation. I hope everything works out, and you all have a great time. :)

  FMS wrote @ September 25th, 2009 at 01:26

I never fly Alitalia for identical reasons, but this summer an international agency insisted in it for a direct flight to Italy. One week before the flight, Alitalia announced that they had cancelled my return flight, and I would have to fly via another city. A 2-hour flight was changed to 7 hours without apology, so I cancelled and refused to fly.

There is no point in associating with idiots, you will just become one of them in time.

  Aaron wrote @ September 25th, 2009 at 00:47

Kat – I could use your advice too! I was booked to fly on Olympic from JFK to Athens on 10/19 with a connection in Athens to Crete. Like others, I got the email this past weekend that my two flights between JFK and Athens are cancelled. The flights to and from Crete appear OK. I booked this as part of a package deal on Expedia, and it is for my HONEYMOON!

I’m reading that there is a code-sharing agreement in the works with Delta. What do you know about this? Does this mean they will just transfer my flight to Delta and I’m good? When I call Expedia they put me on hold and try to call Olympic to sort it out, and they don’t pick up. I have also personally tried calling the number but no answer. Should I call the number for Olympic Air in Greece or will I get the same thing? I tried calling Delta and they have no knowledge of the code-sharing yet. Any advice would be appreciated. Stressing alot!

Kat Reply:

As I already state in the article, a ticket for the old/current Olympic Airlines does not mean you have a flight with the new Olympic Air if the route was abandoned. Also keep in mind that you purchased the ticket from Expedia for Olympic Airlines, not Olympic Air, so Olympic Air and Delta don’t owe you anything.

If someone told me my flight was canceled, that means it’s canceled. Period. And they did it within the E.C. directive’s two-week time frame stated on the Olympic Air website and in my article above:

If someone told me my flight was canceled and I was being given a replacement code-share, then I would comfortably understand I have a code-share flight on the new Olympic Air via Delta. As that isn’t the case, Expedia should honor your request to: a) refund your money or b) book you on a different airline.

I cannot tell you what option to exercise, but I’d be pressing Expedia to book me with someone else if it was my honeymoon. They are the ones that sold these tickets to you and took your money; they owe you a solution. You shouldn’t be the one calling Greece or anywhere.

Olympic not answering the phone is a normal practice, as I say in “10 Tips for flying with Olympic Airlines.”

  rositta wrote @ September 28th, 2009 at 12:12

Kat, thank you for the updated information. I feel better now knowing I might get home to Canada without incurring extra expenses. Knowing what I know of Greece I’m not surprised that people were left in limbo, but it sure gave me a headache…ciao

Kat Reply:

For you, sure. I find it absurd that a company allows passengers to book tickets for terminated routes and then waits less than three days before launch to assure them they can fly or get a refund, but that’s how it is here. Greeks always say to not panic and ‘ola pane kala,’ but that’s usually code for “it doesn’t concern me” or “oh sh!t,” not realizing these situations impact people’s lives and repeat business for Greece’s (ailing) tourism sector.

  Lynda wrote @ October 3rd, 2009 at 15:14

Hi there we have just had our flight times to skiathos changed by over 12 hours causing problems but the carrier has changed from OA to OP

Do you know which airline this is so I can try to contact them about coming back a day later?

Kat Reply:

OA is the old Olympic Airlines. OP is the new Olympic Air. I figured this out by looking at the schedule linked above and the Olympic Air website. The contact information is listed for you. Have a nice trip!

  Victoria wrote @ October 14th, 2009 at 00:08

Hi, I bought a ticket London to Johannesburg, but was today informed that the flights are canceled. I’m very upset as I paid £620 for the tickets. What can I do? Appreciate anyone’s help.

Kat Reply:

As it says in the first paragraph, Olympic Air will book you on a different airline or give you a refund.

  James wrote @ October 27th, 2009 at 23:18

I booked a ticket with Olympic Airlines through ebookers and was recently told that due to “re-scheduling” my only option was a refund. In the 5 proceeding emails they never told me that Olympic Airlines was no more. I now have no ticket for the SA world cup football and rebooking with another airline is not looking pretty.

Basically, I have been done in. I find it staggering that both ebookers and Olympic Air can get away with this.

If you know anyone in the same position get in touch

Kat Reply:

Olympic Air, the successor to Olympic Airlines, did offer to rebook customers on a different airline at no charge if they didn’t have a replacement flight. However, your e-booker has rules that cannot be overridden and take precedent over anything Olympic Air (or any airline) offers, and you consented to follow these terms by purchasing from them. Therefore, Olympic Air did nothing wrong.

The blame falls squarely on your e-booker, and you need to exercise your consumer rights to push for an amicable resolution if you are not happy with what they offered as compensation.

  Ruth wrote @ November 10th, 2009 at 14:13

We had flights booked with Olympic which were rescheduled by 24hrs. This did not fit with our travel plans so after lots of attempts we finally managed to speak to a representative who confirmed that we could cancel and obtain a refund.

All well and good except that we have not heard anything since then (beginning of October) and haven’t received our Eur300 refund despite many unanswered phone calls and emails.

Kat Reply:

If the refund does not come your way, I’ve listed advocates under “Your Options” that you can contact to speed the result.

  Ken wrote @ December 1st, 2009 at 22:56

Just want to say thanks to this site for the contacts and info.

I booked flights from Athens to Milos on Oct 5th through When we reached the airport -no flight. The Olympic desk told us to claim a refund from the agent Kalypso travel. So far despite loads of unanswered emails and promises over the phone no refund. I emailed Olympic air at least they replied with an apology saying the administration was in progress. I’m wondering how long should I wait before using the EU complaint form. Anyone had any luck getting their money back?

Kat Reply:

Hi Ken, thank you for sharing your story. Most people I know booked a different flight, so I need to rely on readers to weigh in on refunds. However, as you see above, others have mentioned roadblocks and delays. Don’t be afraid to use the Greek, EU or your country’s consumer advocates to nudge a result.

  Ruth wrote @ December 14th, 2009 at 17:32

Hello again,

Just to say that we received a refund last week – no explanation, the money just appeared on our credit card statement. Hopefully everyone else will get their money shortly too…

Kat Reply:

Hi Ruth, thanks so much for taking the trouble to come back and let us know what happened. Good to know you got your refund (finally); it gives others hope for the same.

  Elma wrote @ December 15th, 2009 at 15:15

Kalypso travel not refunding money – a daylight robbery?

Hi, I just found this website via Ken’s posting as I am looking for a solution to the problem of Kalypso Travel not refunding the money.

I am in a similar situation to Ken – in September I bought the tickets on for Geneva-Athens-Kos flights. When I came to the airport in Geneva I was not on the flight. I had to buy fresh tickets. However Kaylpso travel (which turns out to be the agent handling tickets in my case through Greeka), never refunded the money – after promises, phone calls and emails. On the internet I can’t find anyone else responsible in this agency, or responsible for this agency, apart from the guy called George who answers the phone (he never replied to a single email, although I have requested it, and he said he would).

So although this is an Olympic Airlines string, I would be really grateful if someone can offer advice on how to recover money, how to find someone else responsible in this Kalyspo travel, and what are other options I may have. Ken, perhaps somehow we can get in touch – my colleague also suffered a related misfortune with Kalypso Travel, so that makes three of us, at least!

What is this ‘EU complaint form’? Many thanks for your input!

Kat Reply:

In the article above under “Your Options,” it details information for filing complaints in #5 with the relevant links and contact info. I would file complaints with both the EU and the EOT/GNTO (Greek National Tourist Organization).

I also sent a note to that they are responsible for advertising/using/associating with an agent that fails its customers.

  Dennis wrote @ January 22nd, 2010 at 18:42

Good morning! We are planning a short visit to Athens after a tour in Istanbul in May 2010. We need to fly from Istanbul to Athens. Olympic Air has the best schedule and airfare, but we are concerned that the company is unstable and either won’t fly or will go under altogether. Do you have any new information on the NEW Olympic Air? Everything I see on your site and on the internet is a complaint about the OLD Olympic Airlines.



Kat Reply:

Hi Dennis,

The new Olympic Air is financially stable and not in danger of going under or not flying, so that shouldn’t be a concern. Regarding their service, I hear both good and bad because their management is new but much of their (sour) staff is old. If the schedule and price work for you, it’s up to you whether you want to give them a chance.

My best friend flew Istanbul-Athens, and he used easyJet on one leg (cheap but unimpressive), and Aegean Airlines on the other (a bit more money but great). He would have tried Olympic Air if their prices were more competitive during the period he traveled.

P.S. I forgot to add that the new Olympic Air is recruiting pilots and only demanding 250 hours of flight time. Most airlines demand 1000 hours. Just something to think about if there is an emergency or bad weather.

  Ken wrote @ January 31st, 2010 at 23:44

Just wondering if Elma has had any luck getting a refund. I sent off the EU complaint form a month ago but, true to Greek form, have yet to get a response. I requested a mailing address from Olympic air but- you’ve guessed it.

No doubt Kalypso travel et al wish I would go away but I have no intention of doing so.

I hope things are still good for you in Greece Kat, from a distance it seems messed up. Best Wishes

Kat Reply:

Hi Ken,

I’m glad you checked in, but I’m disappointed to hear you didn’t get a response or a refund by now. Based on what you needed, I updated the section called “Contact Info” with the street address of Olympic Air, plus I’ll give you the street address for Kalypso:

Kalypso Travel
Taksiarxon 2
84200 Tinos

I tried twice on different days and times to contact Kalypso; I also used their contact form and told them there are people on this thread seeking an answer.

No country is perfect, but many of us across all nationalities deal with these sort of irritations on an everyday basis. Some people live in a rich, parental or non-Greek/bureaucratic bubble and find it a charming, amusing “adventure.” As someone who values time — and thus, my life — I do not agree. I do my best to accept it and spin PR in my head, until I can pry my partner from his homeland.

  markos wrote @ February 24th, 2010 at 23:16

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