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UNDP seeks 10 Greek Junior Professional Officers (JPOs)


*Please note that the deadline has passed, and applications are no longer being accepted.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is the largest program of the United Nations that addresses development issues and activity in developing countries, with the aim of reducing poverty worldwide.

Its Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme is funded by donor countries and provides young professionals pursuing a career in development with hands-on work experience by appointing them in positions for one or two years with the possibility of continued employment.

Currently, the Programme is recruiting Greek citizens for 10 positions in Ankara, Beirut, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Geneva, Kiev and New York. *All information was taken from the JPOSC website (vacancies removed) and Greek Ministry of Economy & Finance website, which are official sources for JPO vacancies.

If you prefer to see the posting in Greek, see “ΘΕΣΕΙΣ ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑΣ ΓΙΑ ΝΕΟΥΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ ΕΠΑΓΓΕΛΜΑΤΙΕΣ” or “10 θέσεις για Έλληνες Junior Professional Officers (JPO).”

Deadline to apply was September 16, 2009.

Basic Qualifications

All applicants must:
1. Be Greek citizens
2. Be aged 32 years or under on the date of application
4. Have completed a Master’s degree at a recognized university in a relevant field of study or equivalent
5. Be fluent in English (proficiency certification or above)
6. Have completed military obligations, if male

Candidates who do not meet minimum requirements and those listed for each post will be disqualified.

If you do not already have Greek citizenship and suspect you qualify, you can see “Ways to acquire Greek citizenship.” However, the process for getting citizenship, a tautotita (Greek ID) and passport will not complete by the deadline in 45 days.

1. Kiev, Ukraine — Local Development & Inclusive Finance

– MSc or equivalent in a development-related subject area and preferably related to a UNDP Ukraine program area (governance; poverty reduction, HIV/AIDS; ICT for Development; energy & environment; human security), regional development, political science and others
– At least 18 months relevant work experience: research, work with development agencies/NGOs, drafting and editing reports and publications

2. Athens, Greece — Poverty & Economic Issues

– MSc or equivalent in Business Administration, Economics, Law or other relevant field
– At least 2 years of experience at the national or international level in providing business advisory services, hands-on experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of private sector development projects and establishing inter-relationships among international organizations and national governments and BSIs

3. Copenhagen, Denmark — HIV/AIDS – Procurement

– MSc or equivalent in Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Economics or related field
– 2 years work experience at national or international level in procurement

4. New York, USA — Business & Administrative Management

– MSc or equivalent in Business, Public Administration, Economics or related field
– 1 to 2 years consulting experience is a must. Advanced hands-on knowledge in the usage of computers and complex software applications (database systems, etc) required.

5. New York, USA — Capacity Development (Human Resource Development & Infrastructure)

– MSc or equivalent in International Relations, Development, Economics and related fields
– 2-3 years work experience, preferably in the area of aid effectiveness
– Working knowledge of another UN language

6. New York, USA — Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

– MSc or equivalent in Economics, Development Studies, International Relations or other social sciences related to UNDP practice areas
– 1 to 2 years work experience in development work or related fields with a focus on policy-oriented analytic work in various formats, as well as experience from project development will be highly desirable.

7. Bratislava, Slovakia — Energy and Environment

– MSc or equivalent in environment, energy or closely related development field
– 2 years working experience with project development, implementation and management in the area of climate change mitigation or adaptation, including energy efficiency, renewable energy or sustainable resources management
– Knowledge of other European language helpful

8. Geneva, Switzerland — Poverty/Local Development/Local e-Governance

– Master’s degree in Economics, Political Economy, Social Sciences or similar qualification
– Must have 1 to 2 years relevant work experience in Information Society and Information and Communication for development  policy analysis and development issues
– Must be fluent in French

9. Beirut, Lebanon — Private Sector Development

– MSc or equivalent in Economics, Business Administration, Finance or related field
– 5 years work experience in SME support and development

10. Ankara, Turkey — Private Sector Development

– MSc or equivalent in Economics, Business Administration, Political Science or related field
– At least 3-5 years’ demonstrable commercial and/or development experience, including at international level, working with value chains, particularly lead firms, producer associations and private sector actors (buyers, processors, input suppliers, commercial banks, importers etc.)

How to Apply

Candidates may apply for up to two vacancies if qualified; however, there must be a completed application, supplementary sheet and separate cover letter for each position.

1. Download and complete:
a) an Application
b) a Supplementary Application Sheet

2. Collect supporting evidence (certifications, diplomas, license)

3. Write a cover letter in English, referencing the position and code.
– If you are serious, I encourage you to download the official Report that details each position’s qualifications and duties, address your letter to the appropriate supervisor and customize content to sell yourself as the best possible candidate without being arrogant and state what you can do for UNDP.

4. Send everything to:

Ministry of Economy and Finance
Directorate of International Economic Organizations, Section B
Ermou & Kornarou 1
GR 105 63, Athens

Υπουργείο Οικονομίας και Οικονομικών
Διεύθυνση Διεθνών Οικονομικών Οργανισμών, Τμήμα Β΄
Ερμού & Κορνάρου 1
ΤΚ 105 63, Αθήνα

Applications must be postmarked by September 16, 2009.

Only candidates who pass the first stage of selection will be notified. Questions and inquiries can be directed at Ms. K. Sereti at:

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