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Greek tax office requires 500,000 homeowners to correct E9 form

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A half million homeowners in Greece were originally told to correct “serious errors” on E9 forms filed between 2005-2008 within 10-15 days or else receive a fine. However, the deadline was extended to December 22, 2009 after the new government took power in October.

The General Secretariat of Information Systems (GSIS) sent 300,000 letters from the Ministry of Finance and then the remaining 200,000 at the end of June 2009, which notify taxpayers of errors or omissions and what actions are necessary to correct them. Letters also contain a special code assigned to the case for identification purposes.

To ensure quick and efficient service, taxpayers should have:
a) The relevant AFM,
b) special identification code from the letter,
c) “Αριθ. Ειδ/σης” from the ekkatharistiko, or Greek ID or passport number, if for some reason the ekkatharistiko does not exist or is misplaced.

Those opting to make corrections by phone or through the Internet will receive amended statements by mail.

The circular on June 22, 2009 initially said that residents could only submit corrections by phone (conversations are recorded) or online, but complaints from those without Internet access forced the government to allow in-person service at the Greek tax office/eforia/DOY.

* Article updated December 6, 2009

Special note

— Should you receive a letter after the deadline, or on a date that doesn’t give you 10-15 days, keep the outer envelope with the postmark as proof. It will be difficult to avoid a fine for appearing late, if you don’t.

— All corrections should be reviewed for accuracy, as they are final and binding.

— Homeowners living outside Greece should use the online system or take necessary measures, if mail is not delivered directly abroad.

— It is unnecessary to hire a lawyer. Most corrections can be amended by the homeowner or, at most, an accountant who is more adept with tax terminology and working the system, online or in person.

Contact information

Phone:  801 111 2277  — Monday to Friday, 8:00-18:00 (Only accessible from within Greece)

Websites: (to submit corrections)  | (to view statements) *No longer available.

In person:  Find an office nearest you in English, “Greek tax office/eforia/DOY locations

* KEP Citizen Service Centres are not authorized to assist with E9 corrections, nor are Greek consulates/embassies.

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  tobias cooks! wrote @ June 26th, 2009 at 00:07

What a mess. I am glad that I am not a homeowner here in Greece…

  John Tsevdos wrote @ June 26th, 2009 at 02:26

They’re just looking excuses to collect money for the economic “crisis”!!! The Greek golden boys are the politicians!!!

  Iason wrote @ July 22nd, 2009 at 13:07

And it’s not just “homeowners” in the narrow sense: I got a correction notice, and I’m merely listed as the “head of family” for an oikogeniaki meridha (some undeveloped/”unimproved” land near a village). I do have to say I have been shocked at the amounts of money requested by the government for them having “given” this land to my family (about 8000 euros and counting: and we’ll see what annual property taxes amount to: in the States, annual property taxes vary wildly of course, but average about 1% of the assessed total value of the land and buildings on it). Trust me, this land is not worth anything near 100 x 8000 = 800000 euros! (I wish.)

  vassilis wrote @ September 13th, 2009 at 13:02

Anny body knows what “Etos Genisis Epikarpoti) means? I am trying to correct my E9 form and I have entered my year of birth but still the column remains pink. Can any body help please let me know

Kat Reply:

Etos Genisis Epikarpoti is not the year of your birth. Epikarpoti (orig. seed, fruit) refers to the right to use and enjoy someone else’s property. Without seeing the form or understanding the context in which the info is being requested, I can only assume it has to do with inheritance, renting of or the transfer of property.

I do not own property in Greece, so if this was not helpful, it would be best to consult a lawyer, an accountant or the eforia via email or phone.

  Paul wrote @ September 16th, 2009 at 18:30

An Epikarpotis can be a person who receives the rent on a property owned by someone else. I assume that is the case here.

  Argirios wrote @ October 2nd, 2009 at 17:27

I am a permanent resident of North America and just received (from my sister in Greece) a letter to correct E-9 for a house I own in Thessaloniki ,Greece along with instructions and special PIN to do it.

I tried several times to enter the “correction” on their website “” by entering the correct information required, and the system does NOT let me, telling that information is wrong.

How can I get in touch with their office by email ( I have the phone number, but because of the time difference makes it difficult) to see what is going on? Also, they give people 15 days to make the correction and I just received the bloody letter.

Could someone advise me via email? Thanks

Kat Reply:

The eforia sends the letter to whatever address is on file, so I don’t see how it’s completely their fault if you specified an address in Greece, not North America. If it’s wrong, it is your responsibility to change it. Also, as I say above, it is not unusual to receive late notification, even if everything is spot on. Ellada einai.

The information I listed above and in the article on eforia offices is everything I know. No email addresses — this is also not unusual. Not to state the obvious, but wouldn’t it be prudent for your family or a trusted Greek accountant to help you since they’re Greek, in Greece and speak Greek? I do not offer personalized assistance via email, as stated in “Comments, Questions and Contacting Me.”

  Sandra wrote @ January 15th, 2010 at 00:05

I cannot access this web site, what is going on with these Greeks…..

Kat Reply:

As I say in the first paragraph, the deadline was extended to December 22, 2009. This date has passed, so there would be no reason for this service to still be available, and your reference to “these Greeks” is inappropriate.

Anyone who didn’t meet the deadline needs to appear in person at the eforia (link provided) or involve an accountant or relative.

  maria wrote @ January 17th, 2010 at 18:21

Hallo, I’m afraid I also missed the date. I’m a greek living abroad, the paper got lost, I received it during holidays.

I cannot go to the next eforia, not being in greece. Do you have any idea what i could do? Thanks in advance for an advice!

Kat Reply:

Hi Maria, you did miss the date. But you should still make arrangements to file through a relative in Greece (if you have one), an accountant, or contact the eforia for Greek expats living abroad. You can find the address and phone number in the link I provided. The letter likely reached you late because they do not have the correct contact details on file for you, and you need to update or change them.

  maria wrote @ January 18th, 2010 at 12:55

Hi, thanks a lot for your reply 🙂
I made various phone-calls and found out a piece of information, which I would like to share, hoping that this will save you of the trouble of having to answer more questions on this subject 😉 : I was told that the greek state is going to send by the end of January some new letters informing us, who have not yet corrected the mistakes, how we can proceed, in order to do so. So everyone, look out for the new letters! If you haven’t received anything by the end of the month make inquiries at your eforia in Greece. By the way, they also told me that it is not possible to get all these letters at home; one has to give a postal address in Greece.
have a nice day!

Kat Reply:

Hi Maria, I appreciate you sharing what happened. There hasn’t been anything in the news about the info you were given, in fact the finance ministry stressed that NO more extensions would be allowed. Plus I was told that Greek citizens registered with the expat office are able to specify an address outside Greece. Just goes to prove what I said, “results may vary.”

  chris wrote @ April 6th, 2010 at 18:39

Do you have some current info re the Cruising Tax for yachts? A tax was proposed on yachts over 15m last year but was rescinded by the new govt. We are getting news (rumours) that the new govt has now looked at this again and is re imposing even higher dues!

Any news please


Kat Reply:

Hello and thank you for your question. In the final draft of the tax reform bill, I see a 10% levy on all boats/yachts regardless of value and size. Greek newspaper Eleftherotypia published an article called, “Luxury tax from purses to helicopters” in Greek, and this is where I took the information. Revisions are still being made, so it’s not final.

Because of ever-changing tax reform, I always advise people to consult an adept accountant. I am not a tax expert, but I hope that sets you in the right direction.

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