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Mmmm, McSarakosti

mcsarakosti© Copyrighted image Living in Greece

The McSarakosti or burger me garides appears each year just before Lent, which is where the item gets its name, and the website sometimes goes blank to presumably remove any hint of online, meat-loving temptation during the fasting period. The commercial from 2006 won an Hermis award, though I only see bus stop billboards like the one pictured.

This is the commercial for Greece from 2008, released by the Character Agency in Athens.


What I find ironic is the sales line, “Pou allou to eides;” (“where else have you seen it?”), as if this is something unique to McDonald’s and Greece. It’s not. The Ebi Filet-O or McPrawn was created for Japan in October 2005, based on Lotteria‘s concept from the 1970s. Wendy’s also has a shrimp burger appear on its menu on occasion. Contrary to what some sources report, the McSarakosti was not created for Greece; it’s simply a product of crossover marketing.

If you crave a burger me garides more than once a year, or it sounds interesting and isn’t available in your country, try Sean’s recipe at “How to Make Your Own Ebi Burger.” Or you can do what I do and ignore the McSarakosti altogether. 😉

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  kayoko wrote @ April 30th, 2009 at 16:39

I have been thinking about trying it for a long time, but I’ve never had chance. In the photo, it looks so appetizing.

I have not eaten Ebi burgers in Japan, but so far as I remember from publicity images, the prawns (shrimps) are made into patties, while, again so far as I can see from the photo, the king prawns (tiger prawns?) maintain their form. Just by looking them, McSarakosti looks much appetizing than Japanese Ebi burgers.

Kat Reply:

K – Hi and nice to see you here! The photo does look appetizing, and I hope you’ll tell us if the ad is representative of the real thing if you try it. From what I saw in customer photos, the Ebi burger of Japan is much lighter in color and resembles the Filet-O-Fish burger, so it’s difficult to understand if McSarakosti will be the same.

  Barbayiannis wrote @ April 30th, 2009 at 19:08

I’ve always thought MacDonald’s “food” should be served in troughs.

I hadn’t realized that The Golden Arches were so popular with Greeks — I thought they were mostly for tourists. I guess it’s all a matter of marketing.

This reminds me of another food related experience in Greece. Once in a fairly upscale but very traditional restaurant in Athens I was seated next to an American tourist couple with two or three teen-aged daughters who were desperately interrogating the waiter to see if there was anything on the menu they could eat: “Oh, is this ground meat? Does it come on a bun?” I made a point of ordering stewed lambs tongues, and very good they were. Too bad they didn’t have kefalaki.

Kat Reply:

B – LOL! They have the Greek Mac also, burger with a pita instead of a bun. Whenever I’m (rarely) at McDonald’s, Greeks outnumber foreigners regardless of location or proximity to tourist destinations.

I think it’s important for children to have exposure to different foods and cultures at home so they don’t act or look foolish abroad. But too often I see them behaving badly, complaining about how there’s no English or no burgers and pizza. Sad. They should offer a McKefalaki to these kids, and see how they like the burger staring back at them. 😉

  Gus wrote @ May 10th, 2009 at 17:51

I found your site by accident and truly think it’s fantastic.

I do have a slight problem though. I can’t find an email address on your site to ask a question I have…
Could you post it so that I can contact you.

Kat Reply:

If you read “Comments, Questions and Contacting Me,” you might understand why I cannot list my email address and do not offer personal consultation. You are free to post your question privately, and I can answer it that way or publish it (it’s up to you).

  Cheryl wrote @ February 18th, 2010 at 15:00

still haven’t tried one…not planning on it either. I’ll keep my shrimp outside of the bun, thanks. 😀

Kat Reply:

LOL! You kill me. What stops me is it looks nothing like the ad; it’s small, pale and greasy.

  Andrew wrote @ September 30th, 2010 at 03:58

That’s awesome.

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