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Want to work for the new Olympic Air?

Olympic Airlines LogoThe Marfin Investment Group (MIG) of Dubai bought out ex-Olympic Airlines and recruited, for its October 2009 launch, several positions left vacant by 7,500 employees who were not rehired, transferred to public sector jobs or opting for early retirement. Also note that those made redundant and promised public sector jobs are still out of work as of December 2010.

It did not recruit the Greek way (aka, last minute), so the original deadlines of March and April 2009 have passed, and no further applications are being accepted.

In January 2010, Marfin posted open recruitment for pilots in “News & Events.” To see current job opportunities, see”Careers” or subscribe to their Twitter feed to be notified of future vacancies:

*Note that the names Olympic Airlines and Olympic Airways no longer apply. You should know this basic information if you wish to work for them.

According to the announcement, all positions require:

– Greek and English language fluency
– Computer literacy
– Good communication and interpersonal skills
* For some positions, there are age limitations, and a university degree is considered a plus on those not requiring one.

And flight positions require:

– Class 1 medical
– EU passport or work permit
* If you are a non-EU citizen and do not have a permit, see “How American/non-EU citizens can get a permit to work in Greece”

Positions Available

Administration: Chief Financial Officer, Accounting Manager, Internal Audit Manager, Executive/Administrative Assistants, Office Assistants/Messengers.  — Closed on April 3, 2009.

Flight Operations: Director of Flight Ops, System Chief Pilot, Flight Training Manager, Flight Standards Manager, Flight Quality Manager, Chief Pilots: Turboprops/Jets (Multiple), IOCC Manager, Cabin Crew Manager, Safety Manager, Commanders/Co-pilots, Chief Cabin Attendants/Pursers, Flight Ops Specialists.  — Closed.

Ground Services: Manager Ground Operations, Deputy Manager Ground Operations, Manager Customer Services, Station Managers (Multiple locations).   — Closed on April 24, 2009.

Information Technology: Head of IT & Telecommunications, Manager of Network Security & Infrastructure, Network Administrators, System Administrators, IT Help Desk.   — Closed.

Maintenance & Technical Services: Maintenance Manager, Quality Manager Technical, Line Maintenance Manager, Engineering Manager, Purchasing Manager, Planning Manager, Stores Manager, Hangar Manager, Maintenance Control Manager, Training Manager Technical, Shops Manager, Airworthiness Manager, Engineering/Planning Staff. — Closed.

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