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Procter & Gamble Hellas

pg_products.jpgLooking for a job with Procter & Gamble in Greece? Each year, they have a career forum before Christmas, during which candidates can speak with recruiters and learn about job opportunities.

Who is P&G Hellas looking for?

— Greek-speaking post-grad/final-year students currently at top UK universities, who are interested in a career in business
— Greek-speaking candidates, who recently graduated from top UK universities

What is the purpose of the annual Career Forum?

— Learn more about job opportunities at P&G Hellas through presentations/discussions with P&G managers
— Network with fellow Greek-speaking students/graduates from top UK universities
— Potentially qualify for the second step of the recruiting process

Where do I apply?

To view current job opportunities/vacancies with Procter and Gamble in Greece:
1. Go to
2. For ‘Select Country,’ choose ‘Greece’
3. Press the ‘Search’ button

From there, you will need to create an account and submit your information and CV through P&G’s application process.


I do not represent P&G, nor have I ever worked for them. Questions and inquiries should be directed to HR personnel in Greece at “Contact Us.”

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Be the change

Be The Change

Last year I said a mouthful, and my words echoed around the world. This year I turn inward and urge everyone to take a moment to reflect on Gandhi’s words.

Every second of every day is precious and presents an opportunity to change. One person can make a difference.

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Non-EU citizens in Greece with a bebaiosi may travel home through 2015

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Non-EU citizens in Greece with an expired residence permit sticker/card and valid βεβαίωση/bebaiosi/veveosi (blue paper certificate with photo) or first-time Greek permit applicants with only a bebaiosi are permitted to travel to their homeland(s) through December 31, 2015.

In a press release published December 5 in Greek, the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection announced an open travel period that allows foreigners legally living in Greece to visit their home countries and return to Greece more than once without penalty, as long as they have a valid bebaiosi (Βεβαίωση κατάθεσης αίτησης για έκδοση άδειας διαμονής).

Without a residence permit sticker/card OR a valid bebaiosi (blue paper with photo), a non-EU citizen cannot leave and re-enter Greece. If your current residence/work permit sticker/card or previous year’s bebaiosi will expire while traveling, it is expected you renew and get a new bebaiosi before departing. By law, foreigners must begin renewing a Greek residence permit/bebaiosi 60 days before expiration.

Under normal circumstances, only those with an official permit sticker in their passport or residence card can travel outside Greece without restriction, as explained in “I’m a non-EU citizen in Greece, can I travel whenever I wish?” However, the former Ministry of Citizen Protection under ex-PM Papandreou began granting rights on par with neighboring EU countries from October 2009, and this policy continues under the coalition government that took power June 2012.

Be aware that this privilege grants passage to one’s home country/countries and back to Greece with a bebaiosi. It does NOT give non-EU citizens the right to visit or stay in other non-EU, EU or Schengen countries. Only those with unexpired Greek permit stickers/cards can travel freely.

As a precaution, non-EU citizens may want to print and carry a copy of the official press release for the corresponding period:

Why? Because Greek border police are sometimes misinformed of the law, or know it and refuse passage until a lawyer or journalist intervenes. It is also recommended you make a photocopy of each bebaiosi and keep it in a safe place, in case the original is misplaced, stolen, confiscated or lost. These recommendations are for your safety and security.

The Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection no longer provides the Press Release in English, though the bebaiosi/veveosi is (finally) in English.

  • Travel is restricted between Greece and the country in which you have citizenship and a passport because the document and the laws that govern it are only recognized in Greece.
  • Check if you need a visa: Border authorities of other countries can rightfully deny you entry or exit, and you may need to apply for a visa that would entitle you to travel, transfer/transit through and/or temporarily stay in countries included in your itinerary and then return to Greece. Contact the embassy/consulate serving the relevant country or countries BEFORE you book travel and leave Greece.

*Article last updated December 7, 2014. However, please note that ‘Comments’ reflect the specific cases of commentators (aka, may not apply to you) and laws in force at the time.

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