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Greek-Australian social security agreement

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An agreement of international cooperation between the social security organizations of Greece (IKA) and Australia came into effect on October 1, 2008.

Whether you are an Australian living in Greece or a Greek living in Australia, this means:

  • Legal assurance that your pension rights are protected
  • Years of contributions from both countries may be combined to meet eligibility requirements
  • Reduced taxation on contributions
  • Right to claim retirement benefits in one or both countries (dependent on eligibility)

The introductory flyer called, “Social Security Agreement between Australia and Greece,” which provided an explanation, answers to basic questions and contact information, is no longer available. However, their staff is fluent in several languages and can receive inquiries by email or phone at no charge.

Questions and inquiries

Centrelink in Australia
Tel: Centrelink has set up “Toll-free calling from Greece to Australia

IKA in Greece
website: (Greek only)
Tel: List of IKA offices (in English)

* Please be aware that the Australian Embassy in Athens does not handle social security inquiries per this message, and I cannot answer questions because I am not eligible for a pension as a Greek or Australian citizen. However, readers with first-hand experience are encouraged to share their comments and stories.

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* Article updated July 22, 2009

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