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A practical guide to moving, living, working & traveling in Greece, plus musing and misadventures from an American in Athens

KTEL Buses of Greece


KTEL, the long-distance bus network of Greece, is a vital part of traveling in the country since the terrain and austerity cutbacks limit destinations reachable by train. With the rising price of fuel, high road tolls and gas station strikes, even car travel can be cost prohibitive or impossible at times.

Another bonus is KTEL buses can be counted on to serve travelers when ferries, public transport and trains are on strike.

Below is a list of links to local KTEL websites containing timetables and ticket fares (subject to change) for Greek buses, which was compiled after the ex-KTEL website removed all free information in March 2008 and became a paid phone service in Greek only. See “KTEL website” to learn why.

*Last updated July 18, 2014. However, note that schedules can change, and answers in ‘Comments’ reflect whatever was true at that time.


To pinpoint your destination without reading the entire list, use your browser. Go to the top left to “Edit” –> “Find” and start typing the city of your choice. Your browser will then highlight all matches or prompt you to hit ‘Find next.’ Try a few different spellings if you are unsure.

If the two cities you need do not appear under the same heading, or there doesn’t seem to be a direct route, look at an online map of Greece and look for points in between where you could make a connection.

Didn’t find it on the list?

If the route you’re looking for is not on the list:

  • English speakers can get schedules in person or by phone at EOT offices (Tourist Information Offices in Greece; see “List of Tourist Offices in Greece“), inquire at the Information Desk at the airport or ask hotel reception upon arrival in Greece.
  • Greek speakers can call local KTEL phone numbers in Greek.

The website has a contact list in English, but it only lists KTEL sites by municipality using the Greek alphabet and is not comprehensive, plus staff answering the phone will most likely only speak Greek. My list is arranged A-Z according to the English alphabet and is more complete because I include locally created, English-language sources that fill the gap where no KTEL site exists.

*The link for tourist offices in Greece is correct, as provided by the official website. However, I realize it sometimes doesn’t work. That’s a taste of how your trip will go.

International Buses

There are no trains from Greece to cities abroad as of February 13, 2011. If you’re looking for buses to Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, FYROM/Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Turkey, see “Buses from Greece to international locations.”

Practical Info about Traveling by Bus in Greece

— KTEL buses are teal green or blue and white, or orange and white in a variety of designs. Look at the design of yours when the bus takes a rest break to make sure you re-board the correct one or look at the destination sign in the front

— The majority of buses are modern, air conditioned and comfortable; sometimes it’s too cold, which is great in summer

— Luggage will be taken by the driver or you will be instructed to place it in a large compartment underneath the bus when the door opens. Passengers can bring suitcases, bicycles, boxes, furniture (within reason). I’ve never seen KTEL impose weight limits.

— Overhead storage inside the bus is limited and not normally large enough for a carry-on suitcase. Most people use them for small backpacks, fanny packs, snacks/drinks, umbrellas, coats, helmets, hats, briefcase.

— Look for your seat number (thesi) on the actual seat you’ll be sitting in, usually marked above or behind the seat or on the aisle in pairs.

— Buses traveling a distance will make a food/smoke/rest/restroom (WC) stop midway, during which the bus is locked. There are no on-board services.

— Food at Greek-owned rest stops are typically overpriced and substandard in quality, and the bus driver gets a commission — bring your own snacks/food/drink or pray for a name-brand fast food chain (rare).

— Bus tickets to islands include a ferry ticket, unless you are disembarking before it crosses (i.e. Zakynthos, Kefallonia, Corfu/Kerkyra).

— An unlimited or multi-ride pass does not exist at this time for the entire KTEL network. However, some individual networks have weekly, monthly and three-month regional travel cards, such as KTEL Argolida*

— Purchasing a round-trip or return ticket will save you approximately 20 percent

— Round-trip or return bus tickets are typically valid for 30, 60 or 90 days. Length of validity varies by KTEL location, so inquire with the ticketing agent if this is a concern

— Be aware that many cities have two or more bus terminals. If you tell someone where you want to go, they should direct you to the correct one.

— Summer schedules typically run from April-October and winter from November-March, although the transport ministry can announce differently at any time.

— Tickets can be purchased online with limited (not all) KTEL websites but only in Greek. Most people show up early to get a ticket/seat and do not reserve one, although it is free. Busy routes demand you be present and buy a ticket at least a half hour before departure if you are embarking at a terminal; others allow you to buy a ticket from the driver at no extra charge, as long as there is a seat on the bus (I’ve also seen drivers take standing passengers without first informing them and getting consent that this is OK). In summer, I recommend showing up at least an hour in advance.

— KTEL buses run on holidays (New Year’s, Easter, Christmas) in some areas but with a curtailed schedule; others do not. There’s no way to know in advance which will run; most people call or visit the station to inquire the day before or day of departure. Sorry, that’s how Greece is.

*Many thanks to longtime reader, Christopher, for contributing this helpful information

Links to Timetables

Schedules for major routes remain relatively stable. For example, timetables posted on the website for Terminals A and B for Athens are the same now as they were three years ago. It’s predominantly (sometimes, not always) seasonal changes and strikes that prompt different schedules, and unannounced adjustments on local routes.

KTEL AthensOrange KTEL bus –

Athens (new links)

KTEL Athens

Terminal ‘A’ (Kifissou Street)

Departs from Athens to Alexandroupoulis, Argos (see Nafplio), Arta, Astros/Leonidios, Corfu/Kerkyra, Corinthos/Korinth, Dimitsana, Epidavros (Ligourio), Florina, Githio, Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, Ithaki, Kalamata, Kalavryta, Kastoria, Kavala, Kefallonia, Lefkada, Loutraki, Messolongi, Methoni, Monemvassia, Nafpaktos, Nafplio/Mycenae (Mykines), Neapolis, Olympia, Parga, Patra, Preveza, Pylos, Pyrgos, Sparta/Sparti, Thessalonki, Tripoli, Veria, Xanthi, Xilokastro, Zakynthos

Terminal ‘B’ (Liosson Street)

Departs from Athens to Agios Konstantinos, Aidipsos (Evia), Amfissa, Delphi, Distomo, Galaxidi, Halkida, Kamena Vourla, Karditsa, Karpenissi, Katerini/Litochoro, Kimi (Paralia)/Skyros, Lamia, Larissa, Livadia, Thiva, Trikala/Meteora (Kalambaka), Volos/Pylio

KTEL Attikis – Travel within Athens (

Ag. Andreas, Ag. Apostoli, Ag. Dimitrios, Agia Marina, Ag. Nikolaos, Ag. Theodori, Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos), Alepoxori, Anavyssos, Anatoli, Ancona, Avlaki, Dilesi, Erythres, Grammatiko, Halkoutsi, Kakia Thalassa, Kalamos, Kalenzi, Kalyvia, Kamariza, Kapandriti, Keratea, Koropi, Kouvara, Lagonissi, Lavrio, Legraina, Lykouriza, Marathona, Markati, Markopoulo, Mati, Megara, Mazi, Nea Makri, Oropos, Paiania, Pallini, Paralia Fokaias, Pikermi, Plaka, Polydendri, Porto Germeno, Porto Rafti, Psatha, Rafina, Saronida, Schinia, Sikamino, Souli, Sounio, Thymari, Varnava, Vilia, Vlastos, Vravrona, Zouberi

*During 24-hour transport strikes, KTEL Attikis sometimes runs ’emergency’ bus routes between the Athens International Airport and Omonia Square and Syntagma Square. Tickets cost 5 euros per person and can be purchased on the bus. — To Vima (in Greek)

Rest of Greece

KTEL Achaias ( – Greek only)

Aigio, Argos, Arta, Athens, Halkida, Ioannina, Kalamata, Karditsa, Lamia, Larissa, Patra, Pefkou, Pyrgos, Thessaloniki, Volos

KTEL Aegina ( – website down)

KTEL Amorgos ( in English)

Aegali, Ag. Anna, Ag. Pavlos, Arkesini, Chora, Kalotaritissia Beach, Kamari, Katapola, Lagada, Monastery, Moyros Beach, Navagio (shipwreck), Paradisia, Tholaria,

KTEL Argolidas (

Ancient Asini, Argos, Asklipio Theater, Drepano, Epidavros (Epidaurus), Galatsas, Hermioni, Hydra, (Ydra), Isthmos, Kalloni, Kilada, Kiveri, Kosta, Kranidi, Ligourio, Methana, Mycenae (Mykines), Nafplio, Nea Kios, Patra, Poros, Porto Heli, Spetses, Tirintha (Tiryns), Tolo, Tripoli, Trizina

KTEL Arkadias ( in English or Greek)

Astros, Athens, Corinth/Korinth Canal, Dafnoula, Kalamata, Kleitoria, Leonidio, Loutra, Megalopoli, Olympia, Patras, Piraeus, Poulithra, Pyrgos, Tripoli, Tropea, Vitina, Zaha

KTEL Chios (Summer schedule and Winter schedule)

Ag. Fotini, Ag. Galas, Ag. Georgios, Amades, Armolia, Didima, Elata, Emporios, Flatsia, Giari Beach, Kalamoti, Kalimasia, Kampia, Kardamyla, Kataraktis, Kini, Komi, Lagada, Limenas Lithi, Meston, Mesta, Mirmigki, Nagos, Nenita, Olympi, Pagida, Pantoukios, Paparia, Patrika, Pirama, Pyrgi, Pytios, Sykiada, Tholopotami, Vessa, Viki, Volissos, Vouno

KTEL Corfu/Kerkyra (

Schedules between Corfu/Kerkyra and Acharavi, Afiona, Ag. Georgios Padi, Ag. Gordios, Ag. Ilia, Ag. Stefanos, Argyrades, Arilla, Athens, Ermoni, Glyfada, Issos, Kassiopi, Kavos, Larissa, Marvela, Messoghi, Paleokastritsa, Pyrgi, Roda, Sidari, Spartera, Thessaloniki, Varvati, Ypsos

KTEL Crete ( or

Ag. Nikolaos, Ano Archanes, Anogia, Arkalochori, Chania, Hersonissos, Ierapetra, Irakleio (Terminal A and Terminal B), Kastelli, Lassithi, Malia, Mires, Rethymno, Sitia

KTEL Etoloakarnanias ( in Greek only)

Ag. Apostoli, Ag. Ilia, Ag. Paraskevi, Ag. Varvara, Agaliano, Aggelokastro, Agridi, Agrinio, Aktio, Alevrada, Amfiloxia, Amfissa, Amorgiani, Ampelia, Amvrakia, Anin, Ano Karasovo, Ano Makrynou, Anoixiatiko, Antirrio, Argyro Pigadi, Arta, Astako, Chrysovergi, Dafnia, Efinochori, Ellinka, Empesso, Etoliko, Filippiada, Fyties, Galata, Gavalou, Gouriotissa, Grevena, Halki, Halkiopouli, Ioannina, Itea, Kakavia, Kallithea, Katouna, Kechrinia, Kerasia, Kompoti, Kormeki, Konista, Kozani, Krikelo, Kryo Nero, Kryo Vrena, Kyparissia, Lamia, Lampiri, Larissa, Lefkada, Lithovouni, Livadia, Machala, Makrynia, Malesiada, Malevro, Menidi, Mesarista, Mesolongi, Mystika, Nafpaktos, Neromana, Orfano, Orestiada, Palaiokarya, Palaiomannina, Panaitolio, Patiopoulo, Patra, Pentekorfo, Perista, Peristeri, Plagia, Plakoti, Platano, Platygiali, Podagora, Preveza, Samari, Sardinia, Sargiada, Sitaralona, Sitomena, Skoutera, Spartia (village), Stamatogianneka, Stamna, Theriakisio, Thermo, Thessaloniki, Thiva, Thyamo, Trichonida, Tsapournia, Tsouka, Valto, Varka, Volos, Vonitsa

KTEL Evia ( or in Greek)

Aidipsos, Aliveri, Amarinthos, Arkitsa, Athens, Gymnou, Halkida, Halkis, Ioannina, Istiaia, Karystos, Kymi, Limni, Loutsa, Manikia, Mantoudi, Patra, Prokopi, Psachna, Rovies, Skyros, Thessaloniki

KTEL Evros ( in Greek only)

Alexandroupoli, Didimoteicho, Ferres, Kavala, Orestiada, Provatonas, Soufli, Thessaloniki, Xanthi

KTEL Fokida (

Amfissa, Athens, Delphi, Itea, Lamia, Lidoriki, Nafpaktos, Patra, Thessaloniki

KTEL Fthiotida ( in Greek only)

Lamia to: Agrinio, Amfissa, Athens, Grevena, Halkida, Ioannina, Karditsa, Karpenisi, Larissa, Patra, Pyrgos Ileias, Thessaloniki, Trikala, Tripoli, Volos, Zakynthos

KTEL Halkidiki ( and, both in English)

Ag. Mama, Dionysiou, Epanomi, Flogita, Gerakini, Hanioti, Ierisos, IKEA Thessaloniki, Kalamitsi, Kalikratia, Kalyves, Kassandra, Kriopygi, Marmara, Moundania, Mt. Athos, Olynthos, Ouranoupoli, Paliouri, Pefkoxori, Plagia, Polygyros, Potidea, Sikia, Simantra, Sithonia, Skioni, Sozopoli, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki airport, Toroni, Tripti

KTEL Ileia ( – Multilingual website)

Ag. Ilias, Alfeiousa, Amaliada, Andritsaina, Athens, Elaiona, Figaleia, Fonaitika, Hospital, Ioannina, Kaiafa, Kalamata, Karatoula, Katakolo, Katarahi-Spiantsa, Kolipi, Krestena, Kyparissia, Kyllini, Lampeti, Lechaina, Olympia, Patra, Pyrgos, Thessaloniki, Varda, Vounargo, Zacharo

KTEL Imathia ( in Greek only)

Ag. Triada, Aggelochori, Agkathia, Aidypsos, Akrolimni, Alexandria, Almyros, Arachos, Athens, Daskio, Edessa, Episkopi, Fyteia, Giannitsa, Kalochori, Kastania, Katerini, Kavasila, Kefalochori, Kleidi, Korinos, Krya Vrysi, Ksechameni, Kypseli, Lamia, Larissa, Lefkadia, Lianovergi, Loutros, Makrochori, Marina, Meliki, Monospita, Naoussa, Neokastro, Niseli, P. Skylitsi, Palaiochori, Platy, Prasinada, Rapsomaniki, Schoinas, Schimatari, Seli, Stavros, Stenimachos, Stylida, Sykia, Thiva, Trilofia, Vergina, Veria, Zervochori

KTEL Karditsa ( in Greek only)

Schedules from Kardita to: Athens, Ioannina, Larissa, Mouzaki, Patra, Thessaloniki, Trikala, Volos

Local timetable for Ekkara and Sofades

KTEL Kefallonia ( in Greek* or in English)

Ag. Efthimia, Ag. Nikolaos, Argostoli, Athens, Atheras, Dipinata, Divarata, Fiskardo, Irinna, Ithaca, Katelio, Kato Leivatho, Kioni, Kontogenada, Kyllini, Lassi, Lixouri, Makriotika, Metaxata, Myrtos, Patra, Poros, Poulata, Pyrgi, Sami, Skala, Skineas, Soularoi, St. Gerasimo, Valsamata,Vathi, Xaliotata, Xi

*Has English version but can be confusing for anyone unfamiliar with Greek-English transliterations

KTEL Komotini/Rodopis ( in Greek, no schedules; broken)

Schedules below are in Greek and come from a different location. Click the link you need according to destination, and put into a translator if necessary.

Schedules from Komotini to/from: Athens, Kavala, Thessaloniki, Xanthi (Porto Lagos or Iasmou)

Schedules from Komotini to/from: Amaxades, Ambrosia, Askites, Fanari, Galini, Gratini, Maroneia, Salpi, Sapes

KTEL Korinth/Corinth ( *)

Ag. Anargyroi, Ag. Ioannis, Ag. Theodoroi, Ag. Vasileios, Almyri, Assos, Athens, Athikia, Bisia, Bozika, Bolati, Corinth/Korinthos, Derveni, Ellinochori, Galataki, Goura, Halki, Isthmia, Kalamaki, Kaletzi, Kallianoi, Kalyvia, Kastania, Kastraki, Kiato, Kinneta, Klenia, Kontostavlo, Korfos, Kryo Vrysi, Lavka, Limnes, Loutraki, Manna, Matzani, Mesogeia, Mikros Valtos, Nemea, Perachora, Pyrgos, Schoinos, Skoteini, Sofiko, Souli, Stimagka, Syvista, Tarsos, Thalero, Titani, Trikala, Vasiliko, Voxaiko, Vraxati, Vrysoules, Xartsanika, Xiliomodi, Xylokastro, Zevgolatio

*Has Greek and English but transliterations can be confusing; I found it easier to look at the Greek version.

KTEL Kos ( – Winter schedule and Summer schedule in English)

Airport, Antimacheia, Asfendiou, Kardamena, Marmari, Mastichari, Paradeiso, Pyli, Tigaki, Zia

KTEL Kozani ( in Greek only)

Ag. Dimitrios, Aiani, Aigyptsos, Anthotopo, Athens, Chromio, Ektakto, Eratyra, Florina, Gallatini, Grevena, Ioannina, Kastoria, Larissa, Lefkara, Livera, Mathitiko, Metamorfosi, Neapoli, Pontokomi, Ptolemaida, Rymnio, Serbia, Siatista, Sidera, Sparto, Thessaloniki, Tsotyli, Velvendo, Veria, Volos, Xteni

KTEL Lakonia ( in Greek/English) *Schedules only in Greek

Areopoli, Athens, Gerolimenas, Gytheio, Keem, Molaoi, Monemvasia, Neapoli, Sparta/Sparti

KTEL Larissa ( in Greek only)

Agia, Aidypsos, Ampelonas, Athens, Elassona, Farsala, Gonnoi, Ioannina, Larissa, Katerini, Kerkyra, Makrychori, Sykourio, Thessaloniki, Tyrnavos, Verdikousa, Volos

*There is an Athens-Larissa Express bus departing 3-4 times daily, taking only 3 hours, 35 minutes. Frequent travelers can get a Loyalty Card that entitles them to one free ride for every five paid rides.

KTEL Lefkada

( — Aktio, Athens, Igoumenitsa, Lefkada, Lefkas, Preveza, Vasiliki

( — Lefkada to/from: Ag. Nikitas, Ag. Petros, Athens, Igoumenitsa, Karia, Ligia, Nidri, Nikiana, Patra, Preveza, Thessaloniki, Vasiliki, Vlycho

KTEL Lesvos/Lesbos (

Agiasos, Agra, Antissa, Argeno, Eressos, Gera, Kalloni, Kapa, Kleio, Mantamados, Mesotopos, Molyvos, Nifida, Parakoila, Pelopi, Petra, Plomari, Polichnitos, Sigri, Skala Sykamia, Skalla Eressos, Skalla Kalloni, Taxiarchis, Vatera, Vrisa, Ypsilometopo

KTEL Livadeias ( in Greek only – Website down)

Schedules from Livadeias to: Antikyra, Arachova, Agrinio, Arta, Athens, Desfina, Nafpaktos, Ioannina, Messologio, Parnassos, Patra

KTEL Makedonia (

Use the Destinations Map under ‘Bus Information,’ and click destination for schedule, ticket prices and travel time. Easily the best KTEL website in existence.

Schedules from Thessaloniki to: Achaia, Alexandroupoli, Amfissa, Arkadia, Arta, Chalkidiki, Derveni, Drama, Edessa, Elassona, Florina, Giannitsa, Goumenissa, Grevena, Halkida (Evia), Ioannina, Igoumenitsa, Kalamata, Karditsa, Kastoria, Katerini, Kavala, Komotini, Kerkyra (Corfu), Kilkis, Kleidi, Korinthos (Corinth), Kozani, Lamia, Larisa, Lefkada, Meliki, Moundania, Naoussa, Orestiada, Pella, Platanos, Polykastro, Preveza, Ptolemaida, Pyrgos, Serres, Soufli, Touba, Trikala, Veria, Volos, Xanthi, Zakynthos

KTEL Messinias ( in Greek and English)

Athens, Gargalianoi, Ioannina, Kalamata, Koropi, Kyparissia, Messini, Methoni, Oitylo, Patra, Pylo, Sparta/Sparti, Thessaloniki, Xora

Local routes: Akrogiali, Alagonia, Androusa, Arfara, Aris, Aristomeni, Avramiou, Chora, Dorio, Dyraxi, Exochori, Filia, Filiatra, Foinikounta, Gardiki, Gargalianoi, Iklaina, Kalamata, Kefalovryso, Kitries, Kokkinou, Koroni, Kynigou, Kyparissia, Lada, Logga, Melpeia, Methoni, Milioti, Nedousa, Oitylo, Paniperi, Petralona, Pylos, Rematia, Strefi, Trikorfo, Tseria, Valyra, Vasilitsi, Voutena, Xatzi

KTEL Mykonos ( and — website down

Ag. Yannis, Ag. Stefanos, Ano Mera, Elia, Kalafati, Kalafati, Νeo Limani, Ornos, Paradise, Paranga, Platis Yiallos, Psarou

KTEL Naxos ( — new link)

Agersani, Ag. Anna, Ag. Prokopios, Ampram, Apeiranthos, Apollonas, Danako, Eggares, Filoti, Galandro, Galini, Glinako, Halki, Kastraki, Kinidaros, Komiaki, Koronos, Melanes, Mesi, Mikri Vigla, Moni, Moutsouna, Myloi, Plaka, Potamia, Pyrgaki, Sagkri, Skado, Tripodes, Tsikalario

KTEL Paros (

Alyki, Dryos, Golden Beach, Kamares, Kostos, Lefkes, Livadi Beach, Logaras, Marathi, Marmara, Marpissa, Naoussa, Parasporos, Paroikia, Pounda Antiparos, Pounda Beach, Prodromos, Voutakos

KTEL Pellas ( in Greek only)

Aridaia, Athens, Edessa, Giannitsa, Krya Vrysi, Skydra, Thessaloniki

KTEL Rhodes/Rodos and RODA (

Ag. Dimitrios, Ag. Ioannis, Analipsi, Apollona, Archangelos, Afantou, Damatria, Embona, Faliraki, Fanes, Gennadi, Kalavarda, Kalithea, Kalythies, Kamiros, Katavia, Kolymbia, Koskinou, Kritinia, Laerma, Lardos, Lindos, Malona, Maritsa, Massari, Messanagros, Monolithos, Paradissi, Pastida, Pefki, Psinthos, Rhodes Town, Rodini, Salakos, Soroni, Theologos

KTEL Salamina ( )

KTEL Samos (

Ag. Konstantinou, Airport, Ambelos, Arvanites, Avlakia, Drakei, Hora, Ireon, Kallithea, Karlovasi, Kastania, Kokkari, Kondeika, Koumeika, Lekka, Lemonakia Beach, Marathokampos, Mavratzei, Mytilini, Ormos, Pagondas, Platanos, Potokaki, Pyrgos, Pythagorio, Samos Town, Spatharei, Tsamadou Beach, Tsambou Beach, Votsalakia, Vourliotes, Ydrousa

KTEL Santorini/Thira ( – Click flashing ‘Timetable’ at top right)

Airport, Akrotiri, Athinios Port, Fira, Imerovigli, Kamari, Monolithos, Oia, Perissa, Vlyxada

KTEL Syros ( in English in Greek)

Ano Mana, Ano Syros, Azolimnos, Bissa, Chroussa, Danakos, Ermoupoli, Finikas, Galissas, Kini, Megas Gyalos, Pagos, Parakopi, Poseidonia, Vari

KTEL Thessaloniki ( — In English/Greek)

Select buses offer free Wi-Fi as of March 31, 2011. Schedules as follows:

All local routes were suspended indefinitely as of November 26, due to unpaid debts of 820,000 euros by vendors and the government, but restarted November 29 thanks to creditors.

KTEL Thesprotia ( in Greek only)

Schedules from Igoumenitsa to: Athens, Ioannina, Larissa, Lefkada, Mavromati, Paramythia, Parga, Perdika, Syvota, Thessaloniki

KTEL Trikala ( – Timetables and Ticket Prices only in Greek)

Athens, Farkadona, Elati, Grevena, Ioannina, Kalambaka/Meteora, Karditsa, Larissa, Mouzaki, Neoxori, Neraidoxori, Oixalia, Patra, Pyli, Thessaloniki, Trikala, Volos

KTEL VolosMagnisia ( – Greek only)

Almyros, Athens, Ioannina, Kozani, Lamia, Larissa, Patra, Pylio, Thessaloniki, Trikala, Velestino

KTEL Xanthi ( in Greek only)

Schedules from Xanthi to: Athens, Drama, Komotini, Mandra, Thermes, Thessaloniki

KTEL Zakynthos (

Click your selection, then scroll down the left menu and choose your route.

Long-distance routes: Agrinio, Amfiloxia, Arta, Athens, Grevena, Ioannina, Kozani, Mesologgi, Patras, Thessaloniki, Veria

Local routes: Ag. Leon, Ag. Nikolaos, Agalas, Agrilia, Alykes, Argassi, Ekso Xora (Exo Chora), Galaro, Gerakaria, Gyri, Kalamaki, Kambi, Katastari, Keri, Kypseli/Kipseli, Korithi, Laganas, Lithakia, Maxairado, Nerotsoulithres, Tragaki, Tsilivi, Vasilikos, Volima, Zakynthos Town

* More websites will be added if they come available. Valid additions and corrections are welcome, as always.

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  roberta wrote @ February 1st, 2010 at 07:04

We’re arriving from australia by plane on Good Friday 2 April at 4pm. What are our chances of getting a KTEL bus to Nafplio where we are booked in. I heard they run every hour 4.30, 5.30 etc , but will they run around 6.30 pm and will one run back to Athens on Easter Sunday afternoon. It’s important as we have already booked accommodation. Thanks

Follow-up: Thanks for your reply. I did read that buses go from Athens to Nafplio on public holidays, but it does say they will be reduced. I am still wondering if the 18.30 bus from athens to Nafplio will be running or cancelled on Good firday. Hope you can help me out here.

Kat Reply:

Answers to your questions lie both in the schedule and the article.

a) If you click the link of KTEL Athens Terminal A, it says there is a bus to Nafplio at 6:30 p.m.
b) If you look under the article heading, “Practical info about traveling by bus in Greece,” the last line says that buses run on holidays, including Easter.

Please read more carefully next time, and have a nice trip.

*Warning to all readers: According to the policy stated in “Comments, Questions and Contacting Me,” the ability to leave comments will be closed or questions deleted if redundancy persists. I provide info to empower people to help themselves, and repeating information denies me the opportunity to write new articles.

Follow-up: There’s no way for me to know in advance how KTEL will curtail its schedules that particular day. The only way to find out is to call or show up in the morning and inquire.

  Karen wrote @ February 9th, 2010 at 20:42


I will be travelling from Athens to Methoni thru Kalamata, spending several days there and stopping in Kalamata for 2 days on my return to Athens. Can I bring a small suitcase on these buses?? I will be in Greece for more than two weeks and hate to travel with just a backpack..

I would appreciate your help!!

Thank you

Kat Reply:

Hi Karen,

This is a good question, and I’m a bit surprised at myself for not including this information in the article. As a result, I will update it.

There is plenty of storage underneath the bus, and you can indeed bring a small or large suitcase with you. I’ve seen people bring furniture, boxes, bicycles and all kinds of things. Cargo can also be booked for the ride without a passenger, though I have never done it myself.

Have a nice trip! 🙂

  Wolfgang wrote @ February 14th, 2010 at 16:40

Short question:
Are there direct coach connections from Larisa to Preveza.
And where do I find information about departure and arrivals.
Thanks for your help.

Wolfgang from Hamburg, Germany

Kat Reply:

I don’t see a direct connection. I see:
a) Larissa to Ioannina (schedule removed): 3 hours (catch this bus at the Vizaniou bus station, not the main one)
b) Ioannina to Preveza (schedule removed): 2 hours

This answer was found by using the “Tip” I give in the article, pinpointing Preveza with your brower’s ‘Find’ function, which would have taken you to the KTEL Epirus section. However, schedules are in Greek, so I was happy to assist and combine it with my own knowledge.

All best.

  charlie wrote @ February 16th, 2010 at 11:22

Is there a regular train service to Patras rather than taking the bus, it may be more interesting?

Follow-up: Sorry it was not clear, from Athens, I am flying in and need to get to Patras marina. C

Kat Reply:

To Patra from where? Athens, Thessaloniki?

Follow-up: I found this answer by Googling ‘athens patra train,’ so I suppose you could have also. From the Athens airport (‘Airport’), you take the proastiakos (suburban railway) to ‘Kiato.’ From Kiato, you’ll need to buy a ticket in the same station from OSE (Greek train system) to Patras.

Schedules found at Switch language to English, then find what you need under ‘Journeys’

  Christopher wrote @ March 8th, 2010 at 21:21

Hi Kat! Long time, no talk :-p

Anyway, I just thought I’d throw this out there for those (I suppose very few, if any) who might be interested. There is an “unlimited travel” card for KTEL Argolis, but it’s only for travel within Argolida (in English).

There’s still no discount travel card for travel to/from Athens.

  avinoam wrote @ March 12th, 2010 at 22:29

is there a direct bus from Athens to Vounaki marina or Paleros ?

Kat Reply:

The closest I see is Athens to Preveza, and you can find the schedule by clicking the link in the first section under ‘KTEL Athens – Terminal A’

I’ve never traveled this route. By doing a Google search, which you could do also, I see Vounaki/Paleros is 30-40 minutes from Preveza, and most people get a taxi or have a shuttle (arranged by hotel/Sunsail/tour) pick them up. There is no bus.

When I say there is no bus to Paleros/Vounaki, I mean there is no bus to Paleros/Vounaki. So asking me if there’s one from Patra or another city will still get you the same answer I gave for Athens.

  Cherie wrote @ April 14th, 2010 at 03:18

Hi Kat! Thanks for such an informative and useful blog! I was wondering if you could help me – I’m looking to go from corfu to Igoumenitsa (by ferry) then take a bus to Ionnina. From what I’ve found so far there is only(?) the KTEL Epirus bus. However does the timetable change for during the off-peak seasons? I’d be travelling on a Saturday in late May. I noticed that the ferry timetable changes from 1st June so was wondering if the buses were similar?
Also would you recommend pre-purchasing the ferry ticket from Corfu – Igoumenitsa?

many thanks in advance,

Kat Reply:

Hi Cherie,

There are two ways to get from Corfu to Ioannina. The first one is the way you found on your own: Corfu ->Igoumenitsa->Ioannina. The other way is to take Corfu->Thessaloniki at 7:45 (only departure), which stops in Ioannina. Just make sure to tell the person that’s what you want when you buy the ticket, so they charge you the right fare, and the driver can see that’s where you need to go and tell you when to get off. If that morning departure is inconvenient, full or missed, then just take the other route through Igoumenitsa.

Pertaining to your other two questions.
a) As the article states above, summer schedules run April to October, but I noticed that the changeover is not harmonized across regions. So I cannot give you a concrete answer because that’s how it is.
b) I only recommend pre-purchasing a ticket if it’s high season (July/August); any other time it’s fine to just show up early to buy a seat. In the USA, Sweden and UK, I prefer to have reservations, but in Greece I’ve done the opposite for 12 years. Deciding to buy in advance really depends on your comfort level.

Have a good trip!

  Daniel wrote @ April 14th, 2010 at 20:52

Hey Kat! It’s me again.. I was just wondering, I want to go for a day trip to Sounio. Now I have seen many bus stops in Paraliaki that have also the KTEL sign of the Sounio Route, but I don’t know if I can just wait at the stop and take it, or are those stops just to drop off people, not taking people on board? I’m asking ’cause it’d be a time saver compared to going all the way to the center just come back and pass via Voula on the way to Sounio. Any idea about this?

Thanks a lot!

Kat Reply:

If you wait there and put out your arm when you see the right bus, it should pick you up. You can buy a ticket on board, so no worries and have a nice time. 🙂

  Chiara wrote @ April 29th, 2010 at 23:02

I’d like to know if there are connections between these cities, because I didn’t find any information in the links.

The cities are: Mystras y Micenae (but I think that there must be some connections of course, because they’re very close), Sparta and Monemvasia, Monemvasia and Nafplion, Micenae and Corintho.
Thanks a lot!

Kat Reply:

Hello, if the links and routes you need aren’t listed, please use the advice I give to inquire with the tourist information office and KTEL direct. I regret that I cannot provide travel services or find time to research four different routes beyond what I’ve already made available in the article.

  teressa wrote @ May 6th, 2010 at 23:02

i need help to find out when the ktel bus leaves athens for kyparissia on the peloponese. I came to athens on the bus from that location but cannot find the return schedule. i dont want to go all way out to terminal to find out. i am leaving sat, may8th, 2010. please4 help

Kat Reply:

I already answered this question on August 16, 2009 22:54 in response to Cindy. Please take a look.

You could have found this answer by using the “Tip” I give in the article, using your browser, clicking ‘Edit’ then ‘Find’ and typing in Kypar, which would have highlighted all matches or taken you to the next match with ‘Find Next.’ That’s how I found it.

Alternatively, as also stated in the post, the tourist office could have helped you or hotel concierge, if applicable.

All best.

  David wrote @ May 16th, 2010 at 14:46

Great web page. I know how to get from Athens to Meteora, but I don’t know how to get from Meteora to Zagorhoria. Can you help?

Kat Reply:

From Meteora to Zagorohoria.

Meteora/Kalambaka –> Trikala: There are bus departures nearly every hour from 5:20-22:15, even on weekends with fewer departures.
Trikala –>Ioannina: There are two bus departures, one at 8:00 and the other at 15:00, daily.
Ioannina–>Zagorohoria: There are two bus departures, one at 7:30, the other at 14:45, daily.

The first two schedules were available from KTEL Trikala in Greek, which is on my list. I don’t see a more direct way of getting there, though I’m open to anyone who has suggestions.

  Louise wrote @ May 25th, 2010 at 09:52

The KTEL Website that is mentioned in the article above opens a link for “”. This is owned by a private firm and not by the KTEL Companies.

The KTEL Companies have a new website since April 2010 “”. There you can find the phones and info on all 62 KTEL Companies of Greece. It is still in Greek, but English will be available at some point.
Also, the phone number for Terminal A is: 210-5124910 and for Terminal B is: 210-8317153. You can get info there, as well.

Kat Reply:

The link is referenced because that’s where KTEL schedules were originally stored, when it was the “official” site. It was always a private company given care of information by KTEL to make free to the public but then went for profit when other events unfolded, as I say above.

The link — not, which simply forwards to — is linked in “KTEL phone numbers in Greek” and “KTEL contact list in English,” so this is info I already knew and had available. Most of my readers don’t speak/read Greek, and the website and phone numbers aren’t helpful. I translate relevant info here (cities, links), so they at least know what schedule to look at if it’s not in English.

I’m more than happy to edit down this article when the English version is ready, in fact I welcome it because this post takes several hours to update and I’d rather use my time to create new material. But for two years, the service I provide has filled a gap for a lot of people.

Thank you! 🙂

  Gary wrote @ May 31st, 2010 at 17:40

Thank you for a great website – we’re planning an upcoming vacation for a friends wedding in Agrinio and are planning to spend the majority of the rest of the time in Corfu. Figuring out how to get to Corfu has been a challenge but this page alone has helped us a great deal in finding infromation. With great appreciation Gary and Suzie

Kat Reply:

Hi Gary, thank you for leaving a note. I’m glad I was able to help in some small way, as I understand that independent travelers can have a challenging time figuring out transport within Greece. Have a wonderful time at the wedding and on Corfu!

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