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An American in Athens is now

On May 28th, after months of careful deliberation about this site’s future, An American in Athens became

Many know me and this site as An American in Athens, and this will continue to be true so it’s not necessary to change the name (just the link). However, I know that many people bypassed or discounted this website as purely a blog of no value to them or disrespected me as a writer based on the name alone. In fact, only one-fourth of this website is personal, while the majority of articles are practical and based on meticulous research and 11 years of wisdom and experience. After a year, the site is content heavy and something needed to be done.

My stats have suffered a dramatic hit since the change, which I knew in advance, and my special feature box on Google is now gone (wah! 🙁 ). But the mission has always been about providing quality information in the long term and not worrying about hits in the short term, so I believe this site will eventually rebound.

All permalinks will automatically redirect to the new one without incident, but I would appreciate if everyone would update the link if you’d like to keep me around, and RSS readers and Google alerts should be changed to to continue receiving notifications. There will be a day in the near future when and co-exist on the same site, but there is a larger metamorphosis planned for next year to give everyone a better reader experience.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me continued support! 🙂

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