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Plagiarized by the Greek Consulate General

A few days ago, I found one of my articles used word-for-word on another website without permission and attribution to me as the person who researched, translated and wrote it. This is not the first time I’ve been plagiarized, and I know it won’t be the last; but it’s the first time I’ve plagiarized by a Consulate General of Greece.

That’s right — a diplomatic mission from Greece, representing Greece abroad.

Should they deny it, I can prove it belongs to me, I have screen captures with their URL and told a few people to verify what I’m stating as the truth if I’m ever accused of lying. I cannot say what country it is, but thankfully it is not my own. I also cannot say I am surprised, but I am disappointed and sickened.

What would you do?

a) Write them a professional letter and ask them to give me credit or remove it, followed by a letter from a lawyer if they don’t.

b) Write them a nasty letter and demand they remove it.

c) Name and shame them and cc: a popular newspaper in their city and country.

d) A combination of the above.

e) Ignore it.

As I lean heavily toward option ‘A,’ I’m reminded of a Slate magazine article, “Eight reasons plagiarism sucks.”

The true Greek experience

Being away from TV world by choice and unwillingly denied my DSL connection — in addition to tons of work — I’ve missed out on these gems. That’s right, you can stop Living Your Myth and trade it for the True Greek Experience!



I was speechless (not in a good way) when I saw this and shook my head. So I suppose I have no comment.



The first thing that came to mind is why there was no traffic, how is it they’re riding bikes without being hit by cars and what they’re doing in a river that’s likely polluted. I know, I need to stop being real.

Wouldn’t the “true Greek experience” include being awoken by barking dogs, standing on a crowded bus next to someone with B.O. because of a taxi strike, avoiding dog poo on the sidewalk and paying 6 euros for a coffee and inattentive service?

I think there’s still a smattering of mythology leftover from last year’s campaign. 😉

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