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Unhappy urbanites, in and out of Athens

Athens pollution

Residents of Ioannina, Volos, Larissa, Iraklion, Hania, Patras, Kavala, Serres, Thessaloniki and Piraeus

What is the biggest problem?
48 percent, traffic
15 percent, unemployment
15 percent, cleanliness
13 percent, pollution

General view of your city?
90 percent, parking is “a very big problem”
80 percent, life is too expensive
80 percent, ample opportunities to have a good time
75 percent, not enough open spaces, such as parks and squares
71 percent, city is heavily polluted
>46 percent, pessimistic about the future

* Survey conducted by Public Issue on behalf of Kathimerini.

Residents of Athens

General view of Athens?
65 percent, “dissatisfied” with quality of life, want to live elsewhere
39 percent, traffic getting worse
25 percent, mounting trash piles
17 percent, pollution

How do you feel about Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis?
84 percent, term coincides with deterioration in parking
79 percent, a peak in crime
69 percent, an aggravation of the city’s pollution
56 percent, disappointed overall

Nai or Oxi?
89 percent back creation of bicycle lanes
76 percent support demolition of old buildings to create space
54 percent think demonstrations should be restricted in the kentro
47 percent object to toll charges, as majority are car owners
33 percent claim sensitivity to importance of recycling (However, 70 percent of those recycling claimed to do so only five times a month; 15 percent, three or four times; 15 percent, once or twice)

* Survey conducted by Public Issue on behalf of Kathimerini.

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