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The truth will come out

There was yet another incident involving this website on Sunday, and it was necessary I remove it from public view for 48 hours while I set the proper action in motion and take a detoxification period. I choose not to say more at this time, but the truth will come out.

* Hat tip to VV, a longtime reader, and PM who put me in touch with a valuable connection

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  A wrote @ May 8th, 2008 at 18:26

I wanted to say that I was dismayed to not find you on Monday, joined wordpress even, and I will miss you and your blog if you have to lock it. I hope that people can behave more rationally about these issues. One would hope that the season of renewal has not ended so quickly, and that the abuses that are troubling you as an author and inventor will stop, so that all of us can enjoy your perspectives on life in Greece.

Let me say that the concept of a person’s writing being protected from use by others is recognized internationally and on a moral basis, regardless of legal issues. One need only peruse a page or two of the ancients and see this concept demonstrated in Greece. How sad that a concept so embraced by our forefathers is now rejected, apparently without a care.

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