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February meme: TV

TV sets

We now interrupt these posts for a Kalo Mina meme from our sponsor, EllasDevil.

“Back in the day!” – 5 Shows You Loved as a Kid
1. Sesame Street (back when Cookie Monster ate cookies)
2. Happy Days
3. Family Ties (before Michael J. Fox had Parkinson’s)
4. The Cosby Show
5. Wings

“Who would you do?” – 5 Characters You Would (Well…)
1. No
2. one.
3. They’re
4. not
5. real.

“What?!?! No, No, I Don’t Watch That!” – 5 Guilty Pleasure Shows
1. $ex and the City
2. JAG
3. One Tree Hill (It’s one of the only things on Greek TV I haven’t seen)
4. Arrested Development
5. Bosom Buddies (vintage Tom Hanks)

Wow! – 5 TV Moments You Still Remember
1. Who Shot J.R.? (Dallas)
2. Marsha broke her nose (Brady Bunch)
3. Krystle and Alexis cat fight (Dynasty)
4. Hugh Grant apologizes on Jay Leno’s show after being caught with a hooker
5. Rita and Chris get married, then Chris dies (Silk Stalkings)

“Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs” – 5 TV Themes You Know By Heart
1. “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” – Cheers
2. “Fame”
3. “Love and Marriage” – Married with Children (It’s Sinatra, after all)
4. “I’ll Be There for You” – Friends
5. And of course, “Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs” – Frasier

“Eh?” – 5 Shows You Can’t Get Into
1. Lost
2. Any “Reality” Show
3. Knight Rider, Baywatch or anything else with David Hasselhoff
4. Any soap opera
5. Any Greek show, especially those with fake tavernas
6. Black Adder, Fools and Horses
7. Martha Stewart
8. Grey’s Anatomy
9. Heroes
10. 24 *I converted
11. Scrubs
12. House
13. The Office
14. Seinfeld
15. My Name is Earl… Oop! Got carried away.

“The Starting Line Up” – Top 5 Channels You Watch
1. CNN
2. Star (For American shows)
3. There is nothing else
4. Seriously
5. I’m not kidding

“Gimme More” – 5 Shows You Can’t Get Enough Of
1. Everybody Loves Raymond
2. Frasier
3. CSI Miami
4. Law and Order, pick one, any one
5. South Park

I tag mono DIO and Mausi this month.

See “More windows on TV than in my house” for more about Greek TV.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming… 🙂


Today is also Groundhog’s Day, and Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow, so that means 6 more weeks of winter.

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  rositta wrote @ February 3rd, 2008 at 03:34

No, no,noooooo, Wiarton Willi didn’t see his shadow and he’s a neighbour, kind of, so spring is right around the corner…just don’t know which corner, lol…ciao

  DIO wrote @ February 3rd, 2008 at 10:29

Hey! Don’t hassell the hoff!!!!!!!

And I’m still tryin to figure out how and what part of “North and South” fits in this list…

  EllasDevil wrote @ February 3rd, 2008 at 18:27

Not real! Pah, that doesn’t stop you answering the question. I mean logically I know Jessica Rabbit isn’t real but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t…. well…. you know.

Roger was one lucky guy, that’s all I will say.

  graffic wrote @ February 3rd, 2008 at 19:56

¡El día de la marmota!

Sorry for the Spanish. Have you seen the movie “Groundhog day”?, it’s really funny. Phil seems so cute 😛 I saw the movie dubbed in Spanish, so each time I see a groundhog, memories from the movie come to me (but in spanish). I loved the “Today is Groundhog’s Day… again” (Hoy es el día de la marmota… otra vez).

You don’t like Lost? My personal experience was that I was denying that show again and again. But once I saw the first two episodes, I got hooked.

Elmo and cookie monster! I love them 😀

  spyros wrote @ February 4th, 2008 at 11:38

5 shows I loved as a kid
1. The Dukes of Hazzard
2. Knight Rider (sorry Kat)
3. Inspector gadget (Astinomos Sainis in greek!)
4. Bennie Hill Show
5. Karagiozis (only by Evgenios Spatharis)

5 shows I loved as a teenager
1. Married with children
2. MacGyvver
3. Miami Vice
4. Star trek (the TV series)

5 Shows I loved during my graduate studies in Canada and could not see in Greece anymore 🙁

1. Seinfield (sorry again Kat!)
2. Simpsons
3. Beavis and Butthead
4. South Park
5. Friends (just because we were watching it with most of the “female” population of the campus)

By the way, I just loved the “Black Adder” too…

  Kat wrote @ February 4th, 2008 at 16:10

R – You’re funny! I don’t know Wiarton Willi, but judging from the snow in Canada, I think that’s a wishful shadow. 😉

D – Ah, “North and South!” That’s an old series as well. I started going down memory lane while looking up what I watched as a kid — running out of RAM, if you feel me. Hoff is a goober. What about Miami Vice? LOL.

ED – It does stop me from answering the question. In fact, you didn’t tag me, so I could have opted out of the whole thing. 😀

G – Espanol is welcome and understood here. I did see “El dia de la marmota” a long time ago, and I think it plays in GR every few months. Phil is cute, but I kind of feel sorry for him — some arm comes in while he’s sleeping, drags him out in the light of day in front of a crowd. Poor fuzzball.

About “Lost,” I also keep resisting, but that’s because I watched a show once and thought it was stupid. Someone told me that I have to watch it from the absolute beginning, then I’ll be hooked as you said. But do I want to be hooked?

S – Haha! Most men like Benny Hill because it occasionally had some n@ked women on it. And MacGyver, I suppose people like him because he could save the world with just a paper clip and some matches. And Dukes, there’s a flashback (“Hey Cooter”). Never apologize for disagreeing with me, since I find that 99% of people tend to. Variety makes the world go ’round AND isn’t it great to have so many choices?

  The Scorpion wrote @ February 4th, 2008 at 17:22

Years ago, as a kid, i was afraid that if I was injured in a car, I would be paralyzed and unable to play outdoors and would be destined to a life of indoors.

Years later, with all the good shows on TV, as well as internet TV, I find that the threat of paralysis no longer scares me because I’d never run out of shows to watch and I could live vicariously thru Jack Bauer and other heroes of the small screen.

  DIO wrote @ February 4th, 2008 at 20:20

I’m running out of it 2! Actually Vice and Shaft must be my very first TV memories….

Hoff the goober???? c-mon, don’t forget he’s got a music career……………in Austria..lmao!

  GP wrote @ February 5th, 2008 at 10:01

You are too funny! I esp liked the top 5 TV moments & would also like to add my 2 cents: Luke & Laura’s wedding on General Hospital !

Regarding Greek TV – I think that most of it is crap… but have you watched Skai channel? It’s pretty good! 🙂

  Kat wrote @ February 5th, 2008 at 21:49

All – I started watching “Prison Break” from the first episode last night and am quite liking it so far. Acting is superb.

The S – That’s true. You can do virtually everything from the comfort of your home if your Internet connection is reliable and stable (wink wink). You’ll never be paralyzed though, so don’t worry.

D – Ergh!!! I found these frightening videos for you.

“Jump in My Car” (complete with high kick)

“Hooked on a Feeling” (Furry, fake skiing, flying)

“Secret Agent Man” (Kill me now)

Two words: Help me.

GP – Good of you to leave a comment; it reminds me of your other question. That is a very famous TV moment, but I was never a GH fan. My mom used to watch Y&R, when she was pregnant with me, then we’d tape it occasionally and watch it if there was nothing on our 125 channels we paid 19.95/mo for. Ah, the good ol’ days. Now my friends get something like 1000 channels (some HDTV) and 100 music channels for 39.99/mo. *Sigh*

  DIO wrote @ February 6th, 2008 at 13:01

xaxaxaxaxaxaxa! Jump in my car is a classic..
I really can’t help you when you put yourself into that position….
Hoff to the rescue!!!!!!!!

  melusina wrote @ February 15th, 2008 at 00:00

I’m glad someone else doesn’t get LOST, but you have lots of shows on that list I love. Everyone is different!

I can’t do C.S.I. Miami anymore. It used to be my favorite of the three – then they got off on stupid long storylines. It is a crime show, stick with the solving crimes already!

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