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Just another day in Hellas

orderOTE has been unable to diagnose and resolve the specific issue with our ADSL connection, namely because it is intermittent and (of course) works perfectly when the technician performs testing.

We sometimes can’t get online even though we have a full signal, or we can get online but only between certain hours — usually between 1:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. — or we can get online but the connection drops unexpectedly and causes me to lose everything I’ve written. It’s not possible to use Internet at work except in short intervals, and there aren’t many wifi hotspots in this area.

Adding to technological tantrums, Google-related applications such as Gmail and Blogger will not allow me to log in whenever I want. And when I am allowed to log in, it takes a minimum of 20-30 times no matter what browser or settings I use.

Since moving house, I’ve also gone back to simpler times, which I’d like to point out is not less stressful or less expensive. We have no TV, due to our fairly expensive antenna snapping in two with increased exposure to the elements, and our proximity to mountains gives us few options in terms of radio stations. We huddle for heat despite paying a lot for petrol, our lights dim a lot for reasons unknown, and I am also iPod-less for technical reasons. I often forget this is considered to be one of the “better” areas of Athens.

These are not complaints. To me, it’s just another day in Hellas. 😉 LOL

I’m hoping to see you later with a final post for January, but if I don’t, at least you’ll know why.

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  luc wrote @ January 31st, 2008 at 18:51

I fully sympathize with you! Imagine what it is like to be not in one of the better areas of Athens…

  graffic wrote @ February 1st, 2008 at 02:45

About your ADSL connection: There are some “nice” machines that validate your account and give you connectivity. Sometimes they’re down, or slow or they do not have IP addresses for everyone.

I do not have ipod either. The charger cable got lost with my suitcase. Nor ipod, neither card reader, video cables for my macbook, a mobile phone, 10 movies, new clothes, some presents, battery charger for the camera, perfume, blah blah blah. But I don’t know why, I’m happy 🙂

About my antenna. It has an awful quality, and there are only 4 digital channels. (Minutes ago I was thinking on some satellite solution, but €€€€). I bought a TV days ago and I had to make an extension to the living room, so the quality got even worst.

So now I spend my time watching series and good quality movies. Even if the TV is from the lowest Samsung series, with a good input signal it can do miracles. (2:30 am finishing one episode of Stargate).

  Cheryl wrote @ February 1st, 2008 at 14:20

Since moving here I’ve felt like we’re in much simpler times…heck we even had to pump water every morning when we first moved in our house! My husband heard A LOT of cussing during the first months in this house. It’s a good thing we weren’t connected to the internet at the time because I would have just cussed online too, I think. He’s taken care of the major quirks and now I’m just beginning to feel comfortable…oh besides freezing our a$$es off because it’s too expensive to keep the flippn’ heat on all day!

The internet connection is sporadic though and it’ s nerve bending. But you’re right, just another day of life in Greece. It’s humbling. 🙂

I hope that things smooth out for you soon!!

  Kat wrote @ February 1st, 2008 at 17:45

L – Note that “better” is in quotes. 🙂 I find it pretty much the same as anywhere else. It’s not like I left the country or anything. LOL.

G – Thanks for the explanation about the connection, which btw OTE has never elucidated. Yes, me too. I’m not unhappy, although I’m sorry you lost so many things with your luggage. In my case, I see it as something normal, just annoying at very small moments when I lose something I wrote for the site after 3 hours work or cannot contact anyone abroad for work purposes. It does bother me that we’re paying hard-earned money for crappy service and a still cold house. Rediscovering radio hasn’t been awful, and there’s nothing on Greek TV anyway. We had pre-downloaded some shows and bought some DVDs in the USA to watch. No commercials! 😉

C – LOL! You, sweet Cheryl, cursing? I used to swear quite a bit at the beginning (well, sometimes it still happens at the nomarxeia, etc.), but no one heard me because I lived alone. I understand what you’re saying. When I lived in a village, I had no air conditioning in summer, pumped my water or walked down & back to the river (water is heavy) for drinking & bath water, and built a fire to cook. A lot like camping, except in my apartment. I’m grateful to have any Internet at all, considering I couldn’t afford it the first 7 years I lived here. It’s just frustrating to know that better service isn’t possible, since jumping companies won’t help. It’s all about patience and acceptance. 🙂

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