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Public transport tickets to rise on January 1

The Greek transport ministry decided that the price of a single ticket for the metro, elektrikos, bus/trolley and tram will be raised from €0.80 to €1.00 starting January 1, 2009.

Like the 0.80 euro single ticket, it entitles the passenger to a one-way ride of up to 90 minutes from the time of validation, using all modes.

For those keeping track, ticket prices were last increased on May 1, 2008. It was explained that the rising cost of gas/petrol was to blame. Gas prices have plummeted since then, but everyday expenses continue to go up.

The good news is the price of daily, weekly and monthly passes on qualifying unlimited routes remain the same, and the price of an annual card will go down. It’s meant to be an incentive to leave cars at home to reduce traffic and pollution, and reward those who use public transportation on a regular basis.

* There will be a transitional grace period for ticket holders to use old tickets, and more information will be posted as it comes available or changes.

Amount of Increase since January 1, 2008

Mode May 2008 Jan 2009
Bus/trolley 50% 100%
Tram 33% 66%
Elektrikos 15% 43%
Metro 0% 25%

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Top 500 universities in the world

The Institute of Higher Education of Shanghai publishes its list of top universities based on academic excellence, not only by world rank but national rank within a country. These are the Top 500 universities in the world.

Note that it is impossible to give a straight ranking from 1 to 500, since the Institute of Higher Education of Shanghai only gives specific rankings for the top 100, and the remaining 400 universities are divided by fifths — 101-200, 201-300, 301-400 and 401-500 — and listed in alphabetical order.

Top 500 Universities in the World for 2008
Top 500 Universities in the World for 2009
Top 500 Universities in the World for 2010

In the table, countries are ordered according to how many universities ranked in the Top 500, regardless of position, and the highest ranking achieved. It is not an analysis.

Country # in Top 500 Highest rank
United States 163 1
United Kingdom 44 4
Germany 40 56
China 32 (101-200)
Japan 31 19
France 23 44
Italy 22 (101-200)
Canada 21 25
Australia 15 59
Netherlands 12 47
Sweden 11 51
Spain 9 (101-200)
Switzerland 8 24
South Korea 8 (101-200)
Belgium 7 (101-200)
Austria 7 (101-200)
Finland 6 69
Israel 6 (101-200)
Brazil 6 (101-200)
New Zealand 5 (201-300)
Norway 4 64
Denmark 4 93
Mexico 4 (101-200)
Ireland 3 (201-300)
South Africa 3 (201-300)
Russia 2 71
Singapore 2 (101-200)
Greece 2 (201-300)
Hungary 2 (301-400)
India 2 (301-400)
Poland 2 (301-400)
Chile 2 bottom 100
Portugal 2 bottom 100
Argentina 1 (101-200)
Czech Republic 1 (200-300)
Slovenia 1 bottom 100
Turkey 1 bottom 100

Greek Universities in the News

Worrying news for Greek universities” – Kathimerini
Rote learning at Greek universities nets no knowledge” – Kathimerini
State-approved illiterates” – Kathimerini
70,700 student openings at Greek universities” — Kathimerini (May 2008)
One-third of students fail to achieve 50 percent mark in university bid” – Kathimerini (June 2008)
Poor education means poor management, poor politicians and mediocrity” – Kathimerini

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Thanksgiving in Greece


Celebrating Thanksgiving in Greece? American Thanksgiving is typically held on the fourth Thursday of November, which this year is November 27.

And if you don’t feel like cooking, there are dinners being organized by American-affiliated groups, schools and hotels.

*Article last updated November 26, 2014. However, answers in ‘Comments’ reflect whatever was true at the time.

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