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Famous bands from my California hometown

My connection with Thessaloniki grows stronger after being named Stathis‘ “favourite American in Athens” and finding out Dio of “Hate City” is from near my hometown. And speaking of hometown, how about a showcase of artists from the City by the Bay?

Or are you only here for stories about Greece? 🙁

Dead Kennedys: Political punk at its best, sparking censorship debates in the 70s and 80s. There’s always room for Jello (Biafra, that is).

“Holiday in Cambodia” (San Francisco, 1980)

The Grateful Dead: Improvisational icons of the psychedelic era, with a cult-like following of Deadheads dedicated to cosmic consciousness.

“It’s all over now, baby blue”
Cover of a Dylan song
(Oakland, 1990)

Green Day: Unpretentious teenagers who took alternative punk rock to the streets, stayed true to goof and grit, won a Grammy. I miss the mosh pit!

“Welcome to Paradise” (East Bay/Berkeley, 1994)

Chris Isaak: Moody bluester cavorting with models and collaborating with David Lynch.

“Wicked Game” (Stockton, 1989)

Journey: Pioneers of the power ballad, kings of stadium concerts and inspiration for a generation of air guitarists. (Woo, look at the fro on Neal!)

“Anytime” (San Francisco, 1978)

Metallica: Speed metal masters grow up to be some kind of monsters.

“Nothing Else Matters” (L.A./San Francisco, 1991)

Primus: Self-deprecating re-inventors of prog and absurdity.

“Jerry was a race car driver” (El Sobrante, 1991)

Santana: Global rock guitar stylist morphs from group to solo artist, mambo to jazzy pop, still going strong after almost 40 years.

“Oye Como Va” (San Francisco, 1970)

Joe Satriani: Highly skilled showman and mentor of Kirk Hammett and Steve Vai.

“Time” (NY/Berkeley, 1998)

Tupac: Gangsta rapper from the mean streets lives on in legends, RIP.

“California Love” (L.A./Marin, 1996)

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  DIO wrote @ November 17th, 2007 at 14:06

Santana + 2Pac, talking about big influences in my life (occasionally role models…)
I’d like to add E-40 in that list too but hey it’s your list! anyway you got some pretty cool old school music here…

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