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PowerBars work for ants too


It’s November, winter has mildly set in, and yet we still have bugs.

Yesterday, I killed two mosquitoes in the kitchen before they decided to show me some love. Today it was a spider and a giant fly.

Since Spring, we’ve had a smattering of ants in the bathroom, which I surmise are affected by the drought and very thirsty. They’re everywhere — on the towels, in the bath rug, doing the backstroke in the bathtub, in the laundry basket. I’d stop them if I could find the entrance they use, but there doesn’t seem to be one, and ant traps are doing a bang-up job (har har).

This evening we followed a trail from the bathroom to the office, where there is no food and no water. Upon closer inspection of the closet with athletic supplies, we found the ants had eaten through both the Ziploc double-ply freezer bag and foil wrappers of nearly all our PowerBars imported from the USA. I need scissors and a bit of pull to get those wrappers off, how did they chew through?

When we tried to kill these super ants, they wouldn’t die. We tried to catch and release, they bit us; we smashed, they recovered; we dumped them in the bathtub, they swam away.

Apparently, ProteinPlus PowerBars work for ants too. Errr! 😉

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Photo is a crop from “Antz,” which looks pre-9/11


  Cheryl wrote @ November 2nd, 2007 at 01:42

Ants? You poor thing-they are almost impossible to get rid of. We used to battle carpenter ants in our other house. It took forever to finally get rid of them. Kosta ended up spraying some ant repellant around the base of the house and that finally worked.Here we have super spiders in and around our house. Big ones, small ones and huge ones. We’re on constant spider patrol. They’ve even made webs in some cabinets where we store nonperishable food…and we’re in those cabinets everyday. I have told many that thus far in my life I’ve only seen huge spiders in the zoo or in a museum back home. Good luck!

  rositta wrote @ November 2nd, 2007 at 02:42

The best way to get rid of ants is Borax or Washing soda. Sprinkle it around where they are and they will take it to the nest (wherever that may be) and kill the colony. You can also mix it with corn syrup and that is guaranteed to get them. This remedy comes from a farmers daughter (not me). Good luck…ciao

  tsevdos wrote @ November 2nd, 2007 at 09:23

Poor mosquitoes …

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