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The Soap

Kat: Why are you using the new soap when we haven’t finished the last one?

F: What makes you think I’m using the new soap?

Kat: C’mon! Are you kidding me?

F: What?

Kat: You’re using the new one, why don’t you just admit it instead making me do this with you?

F: I’m not.

Kat: You are.

F: Why do you think that?

Kat: The new one is out of its wrapper and sitting in the dish next to the old one.

F: I was just getting it ready.

Kat: No, you weren’t. You take out the new one because you don’t want to finish the old one, so I’m left doing it or mashing it into the new one.

F: I’m not using the new one.

Kat: Then why do you smell different than the usual soap?

F: I don’t know.

Kat: Please! Just admit it and stop the insanity.

F: Who are you? The soap police.

Kat: No, I just get sick of always being the one who finishes stuff that you don’t like or don’t want to deal with anymore. It’s not just the soap, it’s food or chores or bureaucracy. Not only that, but I don’t know why you lie about the stupidest stuff when you know I’m going to prove you wrong.

F: You’re not.

Kat: Then tell me how there are bubbles and suds around the new soap that you supposedly never used. (Showing him the soap) Did a ghost come in the house and use it?

F: I don’t know. (Turns away) I don’t get into such technical things.

(Both laughing)

Kat: I bet you’re looking forward to the day when we have kids.

F: I am, but why do you say that?

Kat: Because then you can blame everything on the kids, it won’t be just you and me and the ghost.

F: Nyahh!

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  deviousdiva wrote @ June 16th, 2007 at 16:40


I am the guilty party in my house with soap AND toothpaste, and I seem to be physically incapable of finishing either. I don’t pretend otherwise though!

Thanks for the Saturday giggle.

  melusina wrote @ June 16th, 2007 at 18:33

This is why my husband and I use different soap.

Actually, I don’t like the soap he uses, but it is more fun to say it is because of things like this.

  Kat wrote @ June 17th, 2007 at 10:41

DD- Well, I guess there’s always one, at least you admit it. 😉 I thought you might find it funny.

Mel- Soap segregation, hmmm. We have tried that, but he ends up using mine and leaving his. I think occasional sparring is funny.

P.S. My F read this post and laughed.

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