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5 Tips for saving the planet

Citizens are more aware and some fearful of climate change, but the majority are still not taking action and the government in this country is reported to be 13 years behind other EU nations (big shock, I know). But what about other places?

Even though the United States has been criticized for not signing the Kyoto, places like my hometown of San Francisco ignore  President Bush and his policies and recycle 67 percent of everything, growing progressively higher each year. Call us Californians a bunch of fruits and nuts if you like, but we walk our talk!

More tips for saving the environment


1. Use a shampoo bar like JR Liggett’s, Burt’s Bees, LUSH, local vendors or make your own: It’s 99.9-100 percent natural, biodegradable, saves water, saves plastic containers from the landfill and travels well (light, convenient and no explosions in your luggage).


2. Purchase a hand crank LED flashlight: Wind it up, works every time, never fails in a blackout, no batteries. I got this as a gift and love it.


3. Avoid tetrapaks (milk, tomato sauce, processed juice) – They use tons of trees, the liner takes ages to degrade. Glass, aluminum and tin are good alternatives.


4. Give paper a second life: Use the back side of paper or receipts for making ‘to do’ lists, printing unimportant documents or writing letters.


5. Use Sili-Cups for baking: Muffins pop right out and cups are reusable. I found they don’t even need to be greased.

Yes, all of the things I recommend are an active part of my life.

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